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How can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

At Morris Law, our attorneys handle all of the legwork and manage all communications with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. This way, our clients are not left feeling overwhelmed and unable to fight the deep pocketed insurance companies.

Specific Auto Accidents Areas

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When you choose Morris Law, you can expect the following from our attorneys:

  • Provide a free, no obligation evaluation for your case
  • Conduct investigations of the crash to include finding witnesses and or videos
  • Document the damages you suffered thoroughly
  • Work with a team of highly qualified professionals and experts
  • Aggressively negotiate during the settlement talks with insurance companies;
  • Present a comprehensive case before the jury and the insurance company.

What type of damages may I be entitled to as a result of my South Carolina car accident?

Medical Expenses: You are entitled to reimbursement of any medical expenses incurred as a result of your car accident. This includes hospital stays, surgeries, emergency medical care, follow-up visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation, assisted mobile devices, such as wheel chairs, walkers, etc. This also includes any future medical expenses you may likely incur as a result of your car accident.

Property damage: Property damage from a serious car wreck can place a real burden on you and your family. In addition to compensation for your vehicle, you may be entitled to payment for loss of use and the diminished value of your vehicle if it is not deemed a total loss. Loss of use is money that given to you for the time you are without a vehicle. This can be in the form of money or a rental vehicle of like kind. Diminished value is the difference between what your vehicle was worth before it incurred damage and what it is worth since the body repairs. Insurance companies do not offer this coverage generally, you must demand it.

Lost Wages: After a car accident, you are likely to miss work or be forced out of work due to injury. You have a right to demand that the insurance company compensate you for this lost time. Further, after serious injuries, you have the right demand money for your diminished earning capacity in the future.

Pain and Suffering: Physical, emotional and psychological pain can be difficult to put a price on, but our attorneys will help document these damages in a way that clearly shows how your life has been affected.

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