Slip and Fall Accidents in a Commercial Business

Supermarket floor is wet in the carts area.

Slip and Fall Accidents in a Business Setting

Whether it’s Walmart or Publix, slip and fall warning signs along with other precautions are a must for commercial businesses. The store owners or those in charge of the commercial business are obligated to warn customers about the potential for slip and fall accidents until the dangerous situation can be remedied. Failing to do this and remedy the situation is negligent and puts the customers in peril. It is important to understand how the injured customer can protect their rights. Let’s look at potential dangers in a commercial business and how the injured party can obtain the compensation they deserve. 

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Slip and Fall Statistics

Every year, slip and fall accidents injure approximately 300,000 individuals, many of whom require hospital care. Seniors often slip on wet or slippery surfaces, and one-third of them go on to develop complications, some of them fatal. In fact, 20,000 deaths nationwide are linked to a slip and fall accident. This translates into 55 fatal accidents per day nationwide. 

Nature of Slip and Fall Accidents

Of all accidents reported in public buildings, 70 percent are linked to a slip and fall, with grocery stores being the most common location. Experts warn that to decrease the high incidence of slip and fall accidents in commercial stores, a slip and fall prevention plan must be instituted and followed. 

Customer Protections

Warning signs are one way to avoid a slip and fall in a dangerous area. For instance, the produce area is frequently dangerous due to water accumulating in front of the stalls holding the produce. Grocery store owners often put down rubber pads in front of the produce bins to make the area less slippery. This helps, but on occasion, the water accumulation overcomes the protection the mats deliver. When this happens, warning signs can be erected telling customers to be extra careful until the area can be mopped. 

The same goes for other substances such as liquid laundry detergent, shampoos, milk or eggs that may fall to the floor. Here again, warning signs should be used until the spillage can be cleared. The time it takes to find the spill is a critical factor. Stores should plan to search each section of the store every 30 minutes to an hour, looking for dangerous situations such as the area in front of the ice cube bag dispenser or the front door. Surveillance cameras can also be used to scan the store for dangerous situations. 

Proving Negligence in a Commercial Business Slip and Fall

At our firm, we use the following ways to prove liability:

  • We check to see if signs are used to alert customers to dangerous conditions in areas where a slip and fall might happen.
  • We make sure that a slip and fall prevention plan is in effect and followed.
  • We look to see if the store is regularly inspected on a routine basis.
  • Our investigators look for debris laying on the floor and presenting a trip hazard.
  • We locate and obtain video surveillance camera footage.
  • Our investigators interview witnesses to the incident and see if any used their phone to videotape the slip and fall accident.
  • We ensure that the injury is linked to the dangerous situation.

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