Myrtle Beach Car Accident Attorney

Getting into a car accident can be scary, painful, and expensive. Then you have to figure out how to get financial compensation from the driver who caused it all. These headaches can be more than you want to handle on your own-and the good news is, you don't have to.

A Myrtle Beach car accident lawyer from Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers can help with all the legal tasks you now face. We'll explain your legal rights, negotiate with the insurance companies, and go after the best possible settlement or award-all while you focus on recovering. Contact the team at Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers to get a free case review today.

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Reasons to Work With Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers After a Myrtle Beach Auto Accident

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, our injury attorneys offer compassionate consideration and aggressive representation to every client. We know that going through a car accident and recovering afterward can be a major challenge-one that often comes with substantial financial burdens. We want to ensure that you get the personalized attention your case deserves, as well as the results you need to move forward.

Our personal injury lawyers work with victims of car, truck, motorcycle, and other types of vehicle accidents. We can also help if you were the victim of a drunk driving accident, a hit-and-run, or an accident with an uninsured driver. Even in complex cases, we are here to stand by you and be your voice. We assist victims in Horry County, Aiken County, and throughout South Carolina.

Results for Past Clients

Our South Carolina car accident attorneys know how to go after results that matter, including these six-figure settlements:

  • $600,000 for a rear-end collision that resulted in broken ribs for our client
  • $300,000 for a crash that caused neck injuries, requiring surgery for our client
  • $220,000 for an auto accident that led to back injuries, requiring surgery for our client
  • $675,000.00 for an auto accident involving a drunk driver where our client received an ankle surgery
  • $2,000,000.00 for a pedestrian versus auto accident where our client was placed at-fault for the accident by the responding State Trooper and made a full recovery after undergoing a back surgery
  • $286,783.00 which included the property damage limits for my client's injuries where she sustained a broken leg when the at-fault driver crossed the center-line
  • $175,000.00 settlement for injuries my client sustained when the at-fault driver crossed the center line.
  • $400,000.00 settlement for injuries to a family when the at-fault driver made an improper lane change while driving at an excessive speed.
  • $200,000.00 settlement for an admitted worker's compensation claim with a recommended shoulder surgery
  • $157,000.00 for an admitted worker's compensation claim involving a soft tissue ankle injury
  • $230,000.00 settlement including property damage limits for the bodily injury claim when our client suffered a thoracic transverse fracture in a rear end car accident
  • $196,857.56 settlement for a pregnant mother involved in a minor auto accident with soft tissue injuries

While every case is different, these settlements reflect our commitment to seeking the best possible outcome for every client. We vow to work just as hard to get results for you.

Myrtle Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Causes of Auto Accidents

There are many reasons a motor vehicle accident occurs. The most common are listed below:

  • Distracted driving: A distraction can be defined as visual where the driver looks away from the road, cognitive where the driver is thinking about something other than the road or manual where the driver removes their hands from the wheel. Most distracted driving involves at least two of these categories. For example, texting on a cell phone is categorized as all three. Other instances of distracted driving include looking at an accident or police stop on the side of the road, daydreaming, eating, searching for an item in the vehicle or adjusting the radio or GPS.
  • Fatigued driving: Driving while fatigued is common today with many drivers working multiple jobs and taking care of children. This lessens the motorist's ability to make sound judgments, have the proper motor coordination and affects visual acuity. Studies have shown that driving fatigued is as dangerous as driving while inebriated. The CDC reported that staying awake for 18 hours and getting behind the wheel is similar to a driver with a 0.08 blood alcohol level (BAC). Many times, driving while fatigued is not reported.
  • Drunk driving: Over 10, 000 fatal accidents are due to drunk driving each year. Despite penalties for driving while impaired, South Carolina has many drunk driving accidents. Inebriated drivers lack motor coordination and their judgment is impaired. Illicit and some prescription drugs have similar effects.
  • Ignoring a stop sign or running a red light: Serious accidents occur 40 percent of the time in an intersection. This is largely due to the confluence of motor vehicles, pedestrians or bicyclists entering and using the area simultaneously. Speeding, failing to stop at a traffic sign or running a red light all have a part to play in intersection accidents.
  • Lack of road maintenance: In every city and town, government agencies are tasked with keeping the roadway safe for drivers. This includes tending to potholes or removing debris. Maintenance is also needed to remove excess foliage that obscures stop signs and keeping traffic lights and crosswalks in working order. If the city fails to do this, a claim can be brought against the city for a resulting car accident and subsequent injuries. The time to file is different in this type of claim, but your injury lawyer will see that all documents are filed in a timely manner.
  • Speeding: Exceeding the speed limit is a major contributor to many accident injuries. It is difficult for a driver to control their vehicle and makes it hard to stop in time to avoid an accident. This is evident in highway accidents where traffic can slow suddenly. The impact when a car or truck is speeding is much greater than it would be at a slower speed.

You Could Have Legal Options After a South Carolina Crash

When you're living through the days and weeks after a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed as you contemplate your next steps. Many people will likely offer advice, but you might not know who to trust.

The attorneys at Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers can thoroughly explain your legal options, so you feel more confident about your case.

You may be able to recover compensation for your losses by:

  • Getting an out-of-court insurance settlement: If the other driver was at fault for your crash, we can file a claim and seek a settlement with the other driver's insurance company. This often presents an efficient route to seeking the funds you need.
  • Filing a lawsuit in civil court: Sometimes, we recommend filing a lawsuit against the liable party-either immediately or if the insurance company won't make you a fair offer. While going through a lawsuit can take longer, it may prove necessary for getting results.

We can offer you a more detailed legal strategy once we review the unique details of your case. Our attorneys can also tell you more about the possible steps in the insurance claims or lawsuit process-and ensure that you understand your options throughout your case.

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Forms of Compensation You Could Recover

Being involved in an auto accident can leave you with more than just damage to your vehicle. You could also be physically injured, and your injuries could require extensive medical care. All the bills add up quickly.

Our car accident attorneys serving Myrtle Beach can help you identify all forms of recoverable compensation in your case, including:

  • Lost income
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Reduced enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death damages (if you lost a loved one in a car accident)

In general, the amount you could get in a car accident settlement or lawsuit depends on how seriously you were injured, how much your medical bills cost, and who bears liability for the crash. Other factors can also play a role.

After reviewing the evidence in your case, our lawyers can give you a better sense of what a fair amount of compensation could look like in your case-and then fight for the best results.

Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Financial Recovery After a Crash

The path to a successful financial recovery can be complex and even intimidating. Thankfully, you don't have to do it yourself. Our attorneys can take care of all legal tasks for you, including:

Gathering Important Evidence for Your Case

You will need evidence to show who caused your accident, who bears liability, and how you were affected (both financially and non-financially) by the crash. This usually entails a large amount of documents, including utilizing the Freedom of Information Act, allowing Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers attorneys to get government records including government video recordings.

Our attorneys know how to gather and present compelling evidence to insurance companies and juries in South Carolina.

Available sources of evidence may include:

  • Your medical records
  • Doctor statements
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Records of your employment
  • The accident report
  • Surveillance camera footage
  • Dashboard camera footage
  • Expert testimony

Because of our experience with accidents in Myrtle Beach and South Carolina, the team at Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers can seek out this information readily and efficiently.

Handling the Negotiations for You

When you speak with the insurance company and ask for a certain amount of compensation, they may not see eye-to-eye with you. After all, they're a business and they want to protect their bottom line-often by reducing their payouts on accident claims. The insurance carriers are required by South Carolina law to protect the interest(s) of their insureds. However, many times they are only protecting their own pockets for the benefit of their bottom line.

Negotiations are quite challenging for accident victims to take on alone. Thankfully, our attorneys have years of experience with these conversations. We will work to prove your case through your story and the appropriate witnesses and in doing so, make it clear that you deserve fair compensation.

Dealing With the Complications of an Insurance Claim

Sometimes, insurance companies don't use fair tactics. Many times, insurance companies make allegations that don't match the facts of your case. We can set the record straight and counter these moves for you, so you don't have to deal with the headaches as you heal from your injuries.

Our lawyers know how to handle the roadblocks that many crash victims face when dealing with insurance companies, including:

  • Denying a valid claim
  • Delaying the process of investigating your claim
  • Alleging that your injuries were present before the crash or that you made them worse by neglecting your medical care

Taking Your Case to Trial

As mentioned above, our attorneys know when it makes sense to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial. Generally, in auto accident cases, we do not file suit initially in hopes that our representation provokes the insurance company to act fairly and appropriately. However, if these negotiations do not produce adequate compensation for you and your family, we may have to file suit.

If we go to trial, our Myrtle Beach car accident lawyers can handle the entire process for you, represent you before a jury, and work to move your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Helping You Navigate South Carolina Law

There's a lot to know about South Carolina law when you bring an auto accident case for compensation.

For example, the statute of limitations sets a limit on how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. In South Carolina, you have just three years to file your lawsuit against a private individual, per S.C. Ann. §15-3-530. If your lawsuit involves a government entity, then you only have two years to file that lawsuit, per S.C. Ann. §15-3-550. If you miss this deadline, you could miss your chance to seek compensation after the crash-even if you have a strong case.

An auto accident lawyer from our team knows how to anticipate any state or local laws that could affect your case and ensure that your case stays on track.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Myrtle Beach, SC

Nobody plans for a car accident. But knowing what to do at the scene and afterward can make a big difference in your case. Here's what you should do after a crash:

Lawyer for Car Accident in Myrtle Beach

Immediately After the Accident

At the scene, check off these boxes if you're well enough to do so:

  • Get medical care promptly. If you have injuries, go to an emergency room or see a doctor immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to face complications from the initial injury. Also, getting medical care creates a record linking your injuries to the accident.
  • Call the police. Reporting the crash is crucial if you want to recover compensation for your damages. A reporting officer will issue any relevant citations and note where the accident happened, who was involved, and other crash details.
  • Exchange information with the other driver. Get contact information from the other party, including their insurance policy information and driver's license number if able.
  • Never admit fault. You might feel tempted to apologize or explain yourself to the other driver and the reporting officer. But it's best to avoid making any statements that could be construed as an admission of fault.
  • Take photos of the scene. Get photos of any damage to both vehicles and any evidence of skid marks or debris on the road.

What to Do (and Not Do) in the Following Weeks

In the coming days and weeks, there are many other ways you can protect your auto accident case and ensure the best chance of success.

  • Don't accept the first settlement offer. If the insurance company makes an initial settlement offer, carefully review it before accepting. Usually, the first offer does not truly reflect all your damages, and you may need to negotiate to get what you deserve.
  • Avoid making a recorded statement. The insurance company might ask you to go on record and give a statement about the crash. Don't do this-the insurer can use your words against you, taking them out of context to reduce your claim.
  • Get a free case review from an auto accident lawyer. Understanding your legal options after a car accident can help you pursue the best possible results. During a free case review with our team, we'll tell you what damages you could seek and what comes next for your case.

Hang onto your evidence. Whether you bought medications or medical devices out of pocket for your injuries or had to take rideshare transportation to doctor appointments, keep all the receipts. You want to save any evidence that could show what the accident cost you or how it affected your life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Myrtle Beach Car Accidents

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we know that you likely have many questions when you're recovering from a car accident. We're here to give you all the answers you need. For example:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Our team works on a contingency-fee basis. That means that unless we win your case, you owe us nothing.

We don't require any upfront or hourly fees to get started on your case. We cover the costs of your case for you, so you don't have to worry about another financial burden after your accident.

Do I Need to Go to Court?

As mentioned above, most crash victims receive a settlement from the insurance company and don't have to go to court to fight for compensation.

Even if we file a lawsuit, we can often reach a settlement agreement before your case goes to trial. However, if we do need to go to court, we can ensure that you will feel prepared to testify and appear before a jury. Otherwise, we'll handle all litigation for you.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Myrtle Beach, SC?

South Carolina has one of the highest fatal car accident rates in the country. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that only Mississippi and Wyoming rank higher in crash fatalities as a portion of the state's overall population. South Carolina sees 20.7 crash deaths per 100,000 people, while Mississippi and Wyoming see 25.4 and 22.0 respectively.

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS), this amounts to one fatal crash in the state every 9.1 hours.

Myrtle Beach also sees its fair share of accidents.

SCDPS reported the following crash data for Myrtle Beach in just one year alone:

  • 1,651 total crashes
  • 396 injury crashes
  • Four fatal crashes

Compensation in an Auto Accident

If an accident is caused by another's negligence, an injured party has the right to recover damages for the following:

  • Medical costs: This includes the cost of transportation to the hospital, emergency room expenses, medications, tests, X-rays, surgery and physician fees in and out of the hospital. If rehabilitation is needed, that is covered too. Transportation to and from the doctor's office is compensated.
  • Lost wages: This includes not only lost wages but also any bonuses or perks that are a part of the job. If the injured party is disabled and unable to work, this too is recoverable.
  • Home and medical devices: Both are covered in a car accident claim such as walkers and wheelchairs as well as home care.
  • Pain and suffering: The emotional, physical and mental pain a person suffers in a car accident is recoverable.
  • Scarring: Many people suffer scars in an auto accident, and their surgical repair is often not covered by insurance. The cost of reconstructive surgery is factored in.
  • Rental vehicles: If your car is not usable, the cost of a rental vehicle can be recovered.
    Diminished value of a vehicle: You can be compensated for the loss of value for a damaged vehicle.

Contact Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers for a Free Case Review After an Auto Accident

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can seem daunting. Our Myrtle Beach car accident lawyers have the experience to handle it all: the legal paperwork, the insurance company phone calls, and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Let us take on your case while you rest and focus on returning to your normal life.

To learn what comes next for your case, contact us today at (843) 232-0944 for your free, no-obligation case review.


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Thank you so much for your advice! I highly recommend him! Mr. Morris was extremely helpful with helping me understand the situation.
What seemed very confusing to me he actually broke everything down so I could understand what everything meant. Thank you so much for your advice! I highly recommend him!

Crissy Blumer

I would highly recommend Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers firm for any legal needs. I chose Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers to represent me after a serious MVA. Jeff and Spencer worked hard to provide the best service by addressing all of our needs and concerns within a timely, professional manner. They were so friendly and alleviated all of the stress of our medical bills and legal issues. A 5 star rating is well deserved and I would use them in the future if needed!

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I highly recommend Jeff Morris and his team. They took really good care of me after my car accident.

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I would absolutely recommend Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers. He and his staff took great care of me with my MVA case.

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They are the best. Helped me with a car accident case and i came out on top. The way they showed how much they cared for me and not just about the $$$ was all i needed. JEFF MORRIS AND ASSOCIATES ROCK

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When I tell you I had a great team, I mean I had a GREAT team!! Mr. Morris & Spencer did far better than I could have ever expected handling my MVA. The effort that was required from me was extremely minimal. I literally paid nothing upfront and they were worth every penny they collected from my settlements! If you’re in the area, check them out; at least meet with them and give them a chance to hear you out. They’re worth it!!

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I highly recommend Jeff Morris. Him and his team took really good care of me after my car accident. He was very informative of the process and answered all my questions. The whole team is great!

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