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Our Mission

Our mission is to give injured victims and their families the best possible customer service, representation, and settlements that we can. Morris Law and its employees believe in a team effort to provide the best possible outcome for the injured victims.

Who do we serve?

Our clients are the hardworking folks of Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet who are wrongfully injured or killed by a negligent motorist, negligent truck driver, negligent trucking company, the State highway department, a drunk driver, a driver high on illicit drugs or injured and mistreated through poor care at a nursing facility.

"Injured victims will speak to a lawyer about their case the same day that they call."

In approaching each case, each team member is encouraged to have ownership of the clients and results. With our team’s experience, we effectively provide clients with the attention and commitment that they expect and deserve. We strive to provide a value-driven approach to each case by communicating and strategizing with our clients to meet their needs and goals.

"Our clients’ success is our success. We have built a team of talented legal professionals who share a commitment to serve clients."

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Attorney, Founder & CEO

Myrtle Beach and Murrels Inlet Law Practices

Our Myrtle Beach and Murrels Inlet locations are dedicated to personal injury, workers' compensation and family law. There are many different branches to these practices, here is a short list of types of claims we work on:

Our Team

Some law firms promise client service. Morris Law delivers on that promise. Our clients’ success is our success. We have built a team of talented legal professionals who share a commitment to serving clients. Our attorneys have provided compassionate and aggressive counsel to personal injury victims in Horry County, Aiken County, and throughout South Carolina since 2016.

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Jeff Morris
Attorney & Owner


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How do we win?

Medical records win and lose cases. A client’s medical records so many times get lost in translation. On many occasions, the attorneys and support members from Morris Law, LLC have been able to secure a financial recovery for injured victims when other firms could not.

Call us at (843) 232- 0944 to schedule a free case review. Our cases are billed on a contingency basis. This means unless you win, there is no fee. You can also reach out to us online if that is more convenient for you.

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