How to Report Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina

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Each year, the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program receives roughly 8,000 complaints on behalf of those in long-term care facilities in the state. These come from the 2,039 facilities providing long-term care in South Carolina. These facilities include nursing homes, community assisted care and assisted living places where residents are cared for in South Carolina. Together, all facilities provide provisions for 43,678 beds.

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics – Seeing the Problem

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Nursing home abuse is a problem in the United States that is not easily understood. It affects a considerable, vulnerable portion of the population who are living in facilities that are supposed to protect them. Focusing on the enormity of the problem by looking at nursing home abuse statistics may help administrators, government agencies and families weed out the perpetrators of abuse.

Top Seven Reasons People Obtain a Divorce

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The divorce rate has varied over the years, and currently, 50 percent of marriages end in the United States. The percentage of marriages that dissolve is higher if the partners were married in the past. Various studies have examined broken marriages, and the one thing that remains constant is why it happens. Couples don’t give up easily but tend to end the union when they feel that there is no chance of resolving the reasons why their once happy marriage ended. Let’s examine the top reasons researchers found for ending a marriage.

Injuries in a DUI Accident – Morris Law

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Victims of a DUI accident suffer many different types of injuries. They range from minor to severe such as a simple fracture to traumatic brain injury. The problem is drunk drivers display an inordinate number of reckless driving behaviors. For some victims of a DUI accident, the outcome is a fatal one. Nationwide, drunk drivers take the lives of 10,000 people every year. Let’s examine some of the injuries associated with a drunk driving accident.

Proving Best Interests of the Child in a Custody Case

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In terms of child custody, the happiness, emotional development, security and mental health of a child is of paramount importance. This is called the best interests of the child, and all decisions in a child custody case are based on that. The court’s decision is determined by the proof presented in the case. Let’s examine the major factors the court considers and how to show proof that the decisions the judge makes will be in the best interests of the child.

Professional Cleaners and Occupational Illnesses in Workers’ Comp

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When we think of workers’ compensation, most people envision a serious accident on the job that causes significant injury, not an occupational illness. Although catastrophic accidents are given a great deal of fanfare, there are other things that can bring a worker down, depending on the type of work that is done. For professional cleaners, occupational illness takes the forefront. Let’s examine the array of occupational illnesses faced by professional cleaners and how workers’ compensation can be applied.

Eye Injuries Associated With Airbag Deployment

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Airbags have saved many lives since their inception, however, airbag deployment can cause significant injury. Defects, most notably seen with Takata airbags where high heat and humidity caused the bags to explode, can cause injury to many different body parts. Let’s take a look at what can happen when an airbag deploys, how defective airbags cause injuries and what recourse you have to collect damages.

Staircase Dangers – How to Spot Problems

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Slips and falls on a staircase happen every day and are a leading cause of emergency room visits. Some falls are due to shoddy upkeep or poor lighting. Others are due to a wet or slippery surface. Whatever the reason, the consequences can be monumental, especially for older adults. Let’s examine the nature of these potentially devastating calamities and the injuries that result. We’ll also provide some tips about how to prevent them from happening.

Deadly Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Not all motor vehicle accidents are the same. Looking at the roughly six million motor vehicle crashes that occur each year, there are several main types of accidents that result in fatalities. Our firm has helped clients through every variety of car accidents obtain the compensation they deserve, and we will help you too since chances are you are reading this because you or someone you love was in a deadly auto collision.

Speeding in South Carolina

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Speeding is a common reason for traffic accidents and fatalities. In fact, in 2019, speeding caused 9,478 motor vehicle accident fatalities nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In today’s world, multiple jobs, children and home life all make time a precious commodity. So, for some, that means acting recklessly on the road. The problem is this can lead to a tragic outcome for the speeder and others. Let’s examine what happens when rushing takes to the road.

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