Reasons for Car Accidents – Morris Law Firm

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There are numerous reasons for car accidents, and being aware of them may help you stay safe. Learn about the many causes here.

Head Injuries in an Auto Accident

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Car accident head injuries are often catastrophic. Learn about liability and how to obtain compensation. Trauma to the skull, scalp and brain is categorized as a head injury. There are many different types of head injuries, and each requires evaluation by a medical professional. Let’s examine the main categories of head injuries, medical assessments, treatment, outcomes and liability.

Psychological Trauma Linked to a Car Accident

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While an auto accident is not always fatal, the treatment, rehabilitation and psychological trauma may be life-altering. Other aspects of the accident, including financial uncertainty, can take their toll. For instance, being out of work and trying to pay household expenses can be a daunting problem. All of this can combine to have a substantial effect on the injured party’s emotional outlook. Let’s examine the psychological trauma of a car accident, its treatment and how an attorney can help.

Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries

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Despite campaigns to improve roadway safety that helps drivers navigate the roads unharmed, auto accident numbers continue to increase. Nationwide, more than 36,000 fatalities occur every year with roughly 4.5 million serious injuries, according to the National Safety Council. Let’s delve into the types of accidents and injuries that result from auto crashes. We’ll also take a look at the way to determine liability.

Tanker Truck Accidents – Morris Law Firm

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Tanker truck accidents are uncommon, but when they occur, catastrophic damages result. The explosive cargo such trucks carry is conducive to significant injury, including burns. In addition, fuel trucks can leak flammable liquids that pose a risk to surrounding communities and adjacent vehicles. Let’s take a look at the types of substances hauled by a tanker truck, the dangers inherent to this type of transportation and injuries common in a fuel truck accident.

Back Injuries in an Accident

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Costly treatment and time lost from work are but two consequences of back injury. Annually, close to 50 million people are injured or disabled in a mishap. These range from minor injuries to serious ones to those that cause persistent problems for years to come. It is critical that injured parties have a working knowledge of back injuries. Here, we will look at the most common back injuries associated with an accident and how an attorney can help obtain the compensation you need.

Rear-End Collisions in South Carolina – Jeff Morris Law Firm

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Auto Accidents Involving Rear-End Collisions Rear-end collisions are common and cause injuries that range from cervical strain to herniated disks and subdural hematomas. The difference in the type of injury is due to the force of impact and the person’s position when hit. Nonetheless, drivers feel vulnerable to this type of car accident, mainly when

Slip and Fall Accidents in Grocery Stores – Morris Law Firm

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Compensation in Slip and Fall Accidents Grocery stores are the site of many slip and fall accidents that can result in serious injuries. This causes lost time at work and, in some cases, expensive hospitalization. When Myrtle Beach residents and those from the surrounding area suffer a slip and fall, they know they can reach

Pedestrian Accidents in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach is an excellent area for walkers, but it is also a common site of pedestrian accidents in the state. Learn how to stay safe.

Common Workplace Accidents You Should Know

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People that work at a corporate office might not have to worry about safety hazards in a way that a person that works in a factory has to. When an employee is injured on the job, their entire lives can be negatively affected inside and outside of work. But there is a risk, nonetheless. Sitting

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