Rollovers in South Carolina Traffic Collisions

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Traffic collisions occurred every 3.7 minutes in South Carolina in 2019, according to statistics. Among the different types of accidents, rollovers caused 2,064 injuries as well as 108 fatalities during this period, according to the South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book. Even though only around 3 percent of all accidents involve rollovers, they account for about 30 percent of traffic fatalities. When you’ve suffered an injury in a rollover caused by a negligent driver, you may benefit from the advice of an injury lawyer.

Recovering Compensation After a Moped Accident

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The rider of a moped is at risk for serious injuries when he or she becomes involved in an accident. When this happens turn to Morris Law.

Safety Tips to Avoid Head-On Collisions

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Although only around 2 percent of all traffic accidents are head-on collisions, they account for 10 percent of all fatalities. Those who survive are often critically injured and face mounting medical costs and lost wages, which can add additional stress by impacting the family’s financial security. Although many auto accidents are unavoidable, learning the leading reasons that a head-on collision occurs to avoid them can help.

Recovering Compensation Following a Dog Bite Injury

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Dog bite accidents are on the upswing nationwide. According to the latest statistics. 45.3% of all the households in South Carolina own a dog. They generally make great companions and are certainly loved by their owners. However, in 2019, dog bite injuries accounted for 307 claims against South Carolina insurance companies. It’s true that certain breeds are more known for biting and might present a higher risk, but any dog might suddenly bite given the right circumstances. When you or your loved one has been injured in a personal injury such as a dog attack, you have the right to obtain compensation.

Workplace Injuries in South Carolina

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Workplace injuries and illnesses in South Carolina mean that the sufferer can claim workers’ compensation. The risk of injury or illness depends on where the employee is working, in what type of job and the safety precautions the company takes to protect its workers. Workers’ compensation allows an injured employee to draw benefits, which helps support them and their family. Below, we will explore the most common injuries suffered in the workplace.

Emotional Trauma After an Accident

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Everyone knows that traffic accidents can cause serious injuries that often require hospitalization and a long time to heal, rehabilitation and then rest at home. Not everyone realizes that emotional trauma can result after an accident, including fear of driving. When the trauma of the accident becomes extreme, professional care may be required to overcome it.

Reasons for Car Accidents – Morris Law Firm

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There are numerous reasons for car accidents, and being aware of them may help you stay safe. Learn about the many causes here.

Head Injuries in an Auto Accident

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Car accident head injuries are often catastrophic. Learn about liability and how to obtain compensation. Trauma to the skull, scalp and brain is categorized as a head injury. There are many different types of head injuries, and each requires evaluation by a medical professional. Let’s examine the main categories of head injuries, medical assessments, treatment, outcomes and liability.

Psychological Trauma Linked to a Car Accident

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While an auto accident is not always fatal, the treatment, rehabilitation and psychological trauma may be life-altering. Other aspects of the accident, including financial uncertainty, can take their toll. For instance, being out of work and trying to pay household expenses can be a daunting problem. All of this can combine to have a substantial effect on the injured party’s emotional outlook. Let’s examine the psychological trauma of a car accident, its treatment and how an attorney can help.

Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries

By Attorney | July 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Despite campaigns to improve roadway safety that helps drivers navigate the roads unharmed, auto accident numbers continue to increase. Nationwide, more than 36,000 fatalities occur every year with roughly 4.5 million serious injuries, according to the National Safety Council. Let’s delve into the types of accidents and injuries that result from auto crashes. We’ll also take a look at the way to determine liability.

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