Injured by a Tourist in Columbia? What Can You Do?

Injured by a Tourist in Columbia? What Can You Do?

Columbia's popularity as a tourist destination continues to rise, bringing more visitors to the area and increasing the potential for accidents involving tourists.

From a minor disruption to the day to significant injuries with potentially lifelong complications, locals increasingly find themselves on the receiving end of these unfortunate incidents.

Injured by a Tourist in Columbia What Can You Do

While this influx of visitors brings considerable economic benefits, it also introduces a range of safety concerns for the community. Traffic accidents, property damage, and personal injuries are just a few examples of the incidents that occur involving tourists.

As a local, understanding your rights and navigating the legal landscape can be critical to seeking the compensation you deserve. Calling a personal injury lawyer in Columbia early on in your case can offer you the best opportunity to reach a positive resolution of your claim.

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Personal Injury Law in Columbia

Personal injury or tort law allows an injured person to pursue compensation when another person's negligent or intentional act causes them harm. When assessing a personal injury claim, the criteria for proving a defendant's negligence include establishing the duty of care, demonstrating the breach of this duty, verifying that the violation directly resulted in the injury, and confirming that, as the victim, you have incurred damages from the accident.

Personal Injury Accidents Involving Tourists

Although tourists are only visiting, they must adhere to the same rules, regulations, and laws that apply to locals.

Tourists may not know local roads or traffic laws, which can lead to traffic accidents. If a tourist's negligence causes the accident, you can hold them accountable for the damages.

When a tourist, for example, rents a vehicle and causes an accident due to negligence, such as failing to observe traffic laws or reckless driving, they may be responsible for any damage or injuries.

As a victim, you could pursue damages from the driver at fault or the rental car company under certain circumstances. When investigating the accident, a personal injury lawyer endeavors to reveal all parties potentially liable to expand the sources of compensation available.

As tourism in Columbia thrives, accidents involving tourists have continued to increase in frequency. Understanding the most common types of accidents and their causes can help determine the cause of your accident and who may be responsible for your losses.

Traffic-related accidents are the most common accident involving tourists in Columbia. Given the diversity of traffic regulations around the globe, many tourists struggle to adapt to local road rules, which can lead to hazardous situations. Accidents can vary from minor fender benders to more severe collisions causing serious injuries.

Tourists can also contribute to public transportation accidents. Lack of familiarity with routes or schedules can trigger confusion and result in accidents. Walking or cycling tourists can also abruptly navigate into traffic, causing endangerment to themselves and others.

Common Injuries a Victim May Sustain

The nature and seriousness of injuries can vary based on the accident. Common accident injuries include whiplash, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, concussions, lacerations, nerve damage, and soft tissue injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Victims may suffer catastrophic injuries that derail their lives in the most severe cases. A catastrophic injury can cause significant limitations in function or ability. Examples include traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, severe burns, disfigurement, loss of a limb, and other life-changing conditions. They can cause physical pain and suffering, leading to emotional distress, overwhelming financial strain, and a considerable reduction in the victim's quality of life.

Victims of any injury arising from an accident due to negligence have the right to seek compensation for their losses under Columbia laws. Damages may include medical expenses, lost income, rehabilitation costs, lifestyle changes, and pain and suffering.

What Should You Do Immediately After an Accident Involving a Tourist?

The immediate aftermath of any accident can feel chaotic and overwhelming. You must, nevertheless, proactively protect your legal rights and interests and build a strong personal injury claim. It is crucial to begin this process as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

Seek Medical Attention

The primary concern following an accident is your health and well-being. While you will likely seek medical care in the immediate aftermath of the accident, it is equally important to continue all your medical treatment until the doctor deems you have reached maximum recovery. This ensures you receive proper treatment for your injuries and establishes medical documentation that can serve as valuable evidence in a personal injury claim.

Gather Evidence

Collecting as much evidence as possible strengthens your personal injury claim. You may have collected evidence at the scene of the crash or obtained documentation following the accident.

Here are some examples:

  • Photographic evidence: Photos of the accident scene can help clarify what happened. This may include pictures of your injuries, vehicle or property damage, and the positioning of the parties or vehicles in the crash.
  • Witness information: If there were any witnesses to the accident, their contact details should be in the accident report. They can provide an impartial account of the incident and support your claim. Retrieve the police report as soon as it is available to identify possible witnesses and other critical accident information.

Start a Journal

Recording your version of the accident in a personal journal can be beneficial. Detailing how you feel, your level of pain, your doctors' appointments, and anything related to your injury can serve as a record of your recovery process, helping you accurately describe the incident later on.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Call a personal injury lawyer once you have addressed your immediate health needs. They can guide you in navigating the legal process, collect evidence, and protect your legal rights against competing interests, such as the party at fault, their attorneys, and the insurance companies. This step is crucial when an accident involves a foreign tourist because the legal complexities tend to increase in these cases.

Every personal injury accident victim can seek compensation for their losses. Whether the responsible party is a resident or a tourist visiting from another state or country, they are equally liable for the damages they cause within the United States.

As a victim, you can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and other losses directly related to the accident. This can include compensation for non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

A personal injury claim aims to make the victim whole again. As the victim, you have the right to pursue recovery for all the damages you suffer due to the accident.

Accident damages you can seek compensation for include:

  • Present and future medical expenses.
  • Rehabilitation costs.
  • Lost income.
  • Lost earning capacity.
  • Property damage.
  • Other expenses associated with the accident.

The extent of your physical injury, the interruption to your ability to work, and the tangible losses you suffer all influence the calculation of potential damages.

Who May Be Liable When a Tourist Causes an Accident in Columbia?

To file a claim for compensation in a personal injury case, you must accurately identify all possible parties who may be liable. In accidents involving tourists, the tourist may not be the sole party responsible.

If a tourist caused an accident while driving a rented car, the rental car company could be partially responsible. If a tourist causes an accident due to a local business's negligence, for instance, continuing to serve alcohol to an intoxicated customer, the company could also share in the liability.

An experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can perform a thorough investigation to identify all possible defendants and sources of recovery so that you can claim the maximum compensation you deserve.

Potential Challenges When a Tourist Is at Fault for the Accident

When a tourist is at fault for an accident, they may return to their home country following their visit. This can complicate the legal process and make it more challenging to recover damages against them.

You can, however, hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you and seek justice on your behalf, holding any party liable for the accident responsible for your losses. Moreover, your lawyer may identify other liable parties, such as the rental car company or rental insurance, that can reimburse you for your losses.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies play an integral role in most personal injury cases. The tourist who caused the accident or a third party will likely have insurance in effect at the time of the incident. Insurers frequently offer a settlement to victims that is lower than they deserve. A lawyer can, however, negotiate a fair settlement that accounts for all of your losses and does not leave you with the burden of the financial costs following a crash.

When dealing with insurance companies, always remember they want to protect their bottom line. Insurance adjusters may use your words against you, so be cautious of what you say. Do not accept the first settlement offer or enter into any discussions without speaking to your attorney, and make sure that your lawyer reviews any documents before you sign them.

Your lawyer must be present when providing any written or recorded statements to the insurance companies. Make sure you follow all medical advice and continue receiving treatment for your injuries. Insurance companies may also monitor your online activities for information that could undermine your claim, so avoid discussing the case on social media.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer for an Accident Involving a Tourist

Jeff Morris, Lawyer for personal injury
Jeff Morris, Personal Injury Attorney

Having a competent personal injury lawyer on your side can significantly improve your case's outcome and increase the compensation you receive. A personal injury lawyer can provide valuable legal advice and fight for your rights on your behalf. They can manage all aspects of your case, including investigating the accident, retrieving evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and preparing and presenting your case in court if necessary.

Following an accident with a tourist in Columbia, South Carolina, remember you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. Do not hesitate to stand up for your rights and seek the help you need. Call an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.


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