Navigating the Workers’ Comp Process

Workers’ comp pays for medical expenses and lost wages for employees who become ill on the job or are injured at work. Employees working for a company with four or more employees in South Carolina must be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured employee can recover compensation for their medical costs, temporary compensation for the time they miss from work and permanent or temporary disability benefits if needed. 

Is Hands-Free Technology Effective at Preventing Distracted Driving?

People multitasking behind the wheel of a car has become a major factor in traffic accidents caused by distracted driving. The number of people who died in traffic accidents in 2019 because of distracted driving rose by 10 percent to 3,142, according to the National Safety Council. Did California’s ban on holding cell phones make much difference to the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads when it went into effect?

Studies have shown that hands-free devices are not significantly safer. Moreover, hands-free devices are distracting as well. Even though they do not utilize the hands directly, they take the driver’s attention away from driving safely.

Probate Law – Contested Will

It is always going to be hard when you lose a loved one. Making final arrangements can be an emotional struggle and a lot during this vulnerable time. But, as many people may have found out through experience, laying your loved one to rest is just the beginning. When people die they often leave things behind. Trust funds, heirlooms, and estates are some of the most common items that are left behind by those who have passed on. The placement of these items is usually stated by a will that was made by the deceased, and verified by probate.