Types Of Accidents In The Myrtle Beach Area

Types Of Accidents In The Myrtle Beach Area

What Are the Types of Car Accidents in Myrtle Beach?

Understanding the types of car accidents in Myrtle Beach, what causes them, and how to document what happened may make it easier to pursue compensation afterward. Each type of collision has its dangers, but some can prove much more dangerous than others. For instance, head-on and side-impact collisions can lead to devastating losses and injuries for victims. Still, even rear-end crashes can do substantial harm.

Depending on the type of crash you faced and the extent of your losses, you could seek compensation from a liable driver after a crash. A team of car accident lawyers can offer you substantial resources and help you make a financial recovery. In addition, hiring a law firm that handles traffic accident claims and lawsuits regularly can help you protect your rights and help you fight for fair compensation based on the facts of your case.

Head-On Collisions in Myrtle Beach

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), head-on collisions are the deadliest type of crash. In 2020, frontal impacts led to 58 percent of all traffic accident deaths.

They occur when two vehicles collide while traveling toward one another, which may happen when a driver:

  • Goes the wrong way on a one-way road
  • Goes the wrong way on a divided highway or interstate
  • Passes improperly
  • Crosses over the centerline on a two-lane highway
  • Otherwise violates traffic laws and causes a head-on crash

Head-on collisions more often occur in rural areas than on urban streets.

Some contributing factors in these crashes include:

  • Drugged or drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel
  • Driving too fast for the conditions

Like other collisions, head-on crashes usually occur because of one driver's carelessness or recklessness. Proving what happened, how it happened, and the damages that occurred could help victims recover compensation for their injuries and damages. Your family's financial health may suffer if you or another family member were in a head-on crash.

Frontal impact collisions often lead to severe or catastrophic injuries for occupants of the vehicles. These injuries can prove worse than in other crashes because both cars move toward one another. This amplifies the forces of the impact.

Injuries in these collisions could include:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis and other loss-of-use injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Compound fractures

For many victims, more than one of these injuries occurs. Many occupants in a head-on crash experience multiple traumatic injuries and require treatment in a trauma center to receive emergency treatment, surgery, and stabilization. They may also experience injuries that complicate their treatment and recovery, such as fractures, contusions, lacerations, and more.

Types Of Accidents In The Myrtle Beach Area

Side-Impact Collisions in South Carolina

Side-impact collisions, or T-bone crashes, occur when the front of one vehicle hits the side of another. The impact hits the door directly beside an occupant, and vehicle doors offer less protection from the forces of a crash than the front or rear of the vehicle.

The introduction of side curtain airbags made these crashes more survivable and reduced the severity of many injuries. However, the IIHS reported that 23 percent of passenger occupant deaths occurred in side-impact crashes in 2020.

When vehicle occupants survive these crashes, they may have serious injuries that could include:

  • Fractures of the arm or leg on the side where the impact occurred
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, possibly including paralysis
  • Broken ribs and punctured lungs
  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Soft tissue and joint injuries
  • Amputation or loss of use injuries

Many side-impact collisions in Myrtle Beach occur because of a negligent motorist’s actions. When they act negligently, it causes significant issues for others sharing the road.

Negligence consists of four elements, which an attorney can help you prove in a car accident case:

  • A duty of care, which is usually established by identifying the traffic law in question
  • Breach of that duty, usually by violating a traffic law
  • Causation, meaning they caused the crash
  • Harm as suffered by the victim

Many traffic violations can cause side-impact crashes, but some of the most common examples include:

  • Failure to yield when turning across an intersection
  • Failure to look for upcoming traffic when pulling out
  • Disregarding a traffic sign or signal

In these cases, you can gather evidence to show that the at-fault driver caused your crash, and you deserve compensation. However, you will need a strong enough claim to support your accusation and show how much the collision cost you. Having an attorney on your side can significantly affect the outcome of your claim and the value of your settlement.

Rollover Accidents in Myrtle Beach, SC

Types Of Accidents In The Myrtle Beach Area

Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle tips onto its side, rolls onto its top, or its tires otherwise do not touch the ground. This can prove very dangerous.

The IIHS also reported that over 7,000 people died in rollover collisions in 2020. About two-thirds occurred when the vehicle hit another vehicle, guardrail, or object before the rollover. A quarter of the accidents involved a vehicle that flipped without first hitting another car or object.

Rollover accidents may occur because:

  • The vehicle collides with an object, such as a guardrail, the edge of the pavement, or a curb, and this causes a rollover.
  • The vehicle leaves the roadway for another reason.
  • Another vehicle hits it in the side.
  • A sideswipe incident occurs.
  • The driver tries to navigate a sharp turn too quickly.
  • The vehicle goes over an embankment.

Motorists who drive carelessly or recklessly can violate traffic laws and cause these crashes. Again, as with many accidents, driver negligence is a common reason for rollovers.

Many factors contribute to these crashes in Myrtle Beach, such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue or falling asleep behind the wheel
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • General inattention behind the wheel
  • Aggressive driving or speeding
  • Lack of experience and familiarity with the vehicle and road
  • Issues with cargo

Injuries in these collisions can prove significant. This can be especially true when vehicle occupants do not wear a seatbelt, as these crashes often eject unbelted occupants from the vehicle.

In addition, anyone in the vehicle faces the risk of serious injuries, which could include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Loss of limb and loss of use of a limb
  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Burn injuries

While any vehicle can roll over, some do so more easily. A vehicle with a higher center of gravity, such as an SUV or truck, faces an increased risk of tipping during a collision.

As with head-on collisions, rollover incidents occur more frequently on rural roads than on major highways or interstates. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), about 72 percent of all rollovers between 2016 and 2018 occurred in rural areas.

The agency also lists speeding and curvy roads as major risk factors for these collisions. Speeding contributed to 73 percent of rollover crashes between 2016 and 2018. Curvy roads were a factor in 43 percent of accidents.

Rear-End Crashes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While rear-end collisions are among the most common collisions, these crashes often prove the least likely to be fatal. According to the IIHS, only five percent of fatal accident injuries in 2020 occurred in this type of crash. This is because many occur at stop signs, red lights, or in stopped traffic with low-speed, minor impacts.

Of course, not all rear-end accidents result in minor fender benders. Instead, they can occur at greater speeds, and victims may suffer much worse injuries. Many catastrophic and serious injuries occur in these crashes. However, the insurance company may try to devalue your rear-end collision's worth and settle for less money than you deserve.

Rear-end collisions frequently result in whiplash. While many television shows and movies depict whiplash as nothing more than a sore neck, it is a much more considerable injury. Whiplash occurs when the neck’s soft tissues—ligaments, tendons, and muscles—stretch beyond their normal range of motion because the accident whipped the victim’s head back and forth quickly.

Symptoms may include:

  • Headache
  • Pain and soreness in the neck and shoulders
  • Limited range of motion
  • Chronic pain, in some people

Other injuries can occur and may be serious. This could include traumatic brain injuries, other back and neck injuries, fractures, and more.

You can recover compensation for whiplash and other injuries suffered in a rear-end collision. However, doing so requires showing what happened, who bears responsibility, and your case’s worth. A car accident attorney knows how to determine the cause of your accident and develop an insurance claim.

Common ways a careless driver may cause a rear-end accident include:

  • Disregarding a stop sign or red light
  • Failing to brake for stopped traffic
  • Following too closely

In general, demonstrating that the other driver bears fault for a rear-end crash can prove more straightforward. The rear driver almost always bears legal liability for a crash of this type. The accident report filed by police should document what happened. Additional evidence could include video of the crash, eyewitness statements, and accident reconstruction.

Rear-end collisions can occur anywhere, although they occur most commonly at intersections.

Pursuing a Case Based on Your Myrtle Beach, SC Collision

South Carolina law allows crash victims to hold the at-fault driver accountable and recover compensation.

After a collision in Myrtle Beach, you could recover money for both your financial expenses and non-financial losses, which may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future related expenses
  • Income losses and diminished earning ability
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Wrongful death damages, if your family lost a loved one to a car accident

You can recover these or other additional damages by proving the at-fault driver acted negligently and caused the crash. Then, you can file a claim based on their auto liability insurance policy required under South Carolina law. Alternatively, you could sue them in a civil court.

When a commercial vehicle driver (such as an 18-wheeler driver) causes your accident, South Carolina recognizes vicarious liability for employers. Therefore, you could hold the negligent driver and their employer legally responsible. This means you and your attorney can also build a case to recover compensation from the trucking company.

When a car accident victim needs to sue the at-fault driver or another liable party in Myrtle Beach, they usually have only three years to act per South Carolina law. Sometimes, they may have more or less time based on the circumstances. Working with a Myrtle Beach car accident attorney can ensure you know when all applicable deadlines occur—and meet them.

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