Deadly Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Paramedics help next to a SUV lying on its side after a rollover accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidents That Are Often Fatal

Not all motor vehicle accidents are the same. Looking at the roughly six million motor vehicle crashes that occur each year, there are several main types of accidents that result in fatalities. Our firm has helped clients through every variety of car accidents obtain the compensation they deserve, and we will help you too since chances are you are reading this because you or someone you love was in a deadly auto collision. 

After motor vehicle accidents, it is important to establish liability by gathering evidence. That is often a challenge, but our firm has established itself as a leader in defining why the accident happened and who is responsible for it since few people will admit to blame when they don’t have to. Let’s look at the different types of motor vehicle accidents and who is most likely to be liable in each case.

Head-On Collisions

Frontal collisions are infrequent but usually linked to fatalities. This is due to the impact this type of crash causes since the momentum of each vehicle is combined. A frontal impact is usually due to a driver who crosses into an oncoming lane due to confusion or drunkenness.

Not all head-on collisions are due to an impact with another vehicle. In many instances, it is due to a single-vehicle crash where the driver hits a stationary object such as a wall or a tree. In other cases, it is due to a deer running across the vehicle’s path.

Liability depends on the cause. If a driver crosses into an oncoming lane, the reason is clearly operator error. Or is it totally? In some situations, a driver crosses into oncoming traffic when the lanes and signage are not sufficient to direct them properly. Here, the city or state agency in charge of road design and maintenance may be held liable. 

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents

This type of auto accident frequently happens on a congested, high-speed road where there is little room to move. The danger involved in this type of crash is the aftermath of the initial accident. Because of the congestion, a single vehicle can be struck more than once. Since airbags deploy in the initial collision and quickly deflate, the extent of the injury is escalated.

In addition, ambulances, first responders and fire trucks are unable to reach the scene due to traffic backups, delaying critical assistance. On top of this, vehicular fire is common due to spilled fuel. 

Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accidents

Rear-end collisions are the leading type of accident nationwide, and many cause fatal injuries, particularly to rear-seat passengers. When a truck hits a vehicle in the rear, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are in grave danger. The likelihood of surviving this crash is poor. Most people realize that it is the driver to the rear who is responsible. There are some exceptions, but the reality is driver error is usually involved. 

Some of the mistakes drivers make are:

  • The driver to the rear is distracted by a phone call, a text or some other activity.
  • The lead vehicle stops short, and their brake lights are not working. 
  • The driver to the rear is speeding and unprepared for highway stop and go traffic flow.
  • The driver to the rear’s brakes are not in working order or fail due to a defective part.

We generally examine the crash using accident reconstruction techniques and surveillance camera digital capture. That is why it is generally a good idea to call an attorney as soon as possible before evidence disappears. We also defend our clients when an insurance company tries deceptively to insist that the injury is greater than it should be for the impact by using expert testimony and reviews of medical charts. 

Side-Impact Collisions

Of all motor vehicle accidents beyond head-on collisions, a side-impact collision can cause significant injury and death. One of the reasons for intense injury is the lack of side airbags on many vehicles. When a broadside crash occurs, the driver’s head may strike the door frame or the window, resulting in traumatic head injury.

Rollover Motor Vehicle Accidents

A rollover accident is involved in many fatalities. One of the leading reasons for this occurs when a driver or passenger fails to use seat restraints. Being thrown from a rolling vehicle is likely to cause serious injuries and deaths. Another problem with a rollover accident is roof crush. 

Federal mandates state that the supporting structure should let the roof support three and one-half times the vehicle’s weight. However, manufacturers do not always meet their obligation. When this happens and someone is severely injured or killed, a product liability lawsuit can be filed.

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