How an Attorney Can Help in South Carolina Area

How an Attorney Can Help in South Carolina Area

How an Attorney Can Help in South Carolina Area

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Do you need a lawyer? The answer to that is even seemingly minor accidents can become complicated. For simple matters such as a parking ticket, it is not necessary to retain legal assistance. However, for an accident that causes personal injury, no matter how small, it is a good idea. Complications can arise after the accident in a myriad of ways that change the scope of compensation. Let us look at some of the reasons retaining an attorney is best.

On the face of it, a personal injury claim seems logical. You are hurt due to another's negligence, and you want to be compensated. It is a reasonable assumption, and you should not be responsible for the financial losses you will encounter.

The problem is the negligent party is not always willing to admit fault. They challenge your description of the accident or your injuries. In short, they do not want to accept responsibility.

This is when you need an experienced lawyer to show that your claim is on target. Your personal injury lawyer will examine the evidence carefully to show that the other party was at fault for your injuries. They will also refute claims of lesser injuries by deposing medical experts to substantiate your claim.


The Attorney Investigates the Accident

Without evidence, a claim will not proceed in a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney and their investigative team are trained in gathering the evidence you need. For instance, the attorney and investigators will:

  • The attorney will examine the accident site for liability by performing accident reconstruction. This technique shows the position of the vehicles before and after the crash.
  • The investigators will obtain surveillance tapes from traffic lights, business cameras or bystanders who captured the incident on their cell phones.
  • They will interview witnesses to the accident to obtain a first-hand accounting.
  • The investigators will take photographic evidence of the vehicles and the accident site to show damages and illuminate evidence of poor road maintenance and proper signage.
  • The investigative team will also obtain and review the police report for inaccuracies that could affect the case. The police report is frequently used during negotiations and in court.
  • The injured party's medical records will be reviewed, and medical experts will be interviewed.

The Injury Attorney Will Deal With the Insurer

The defendant's insurer will want to lift the blame off their client and lessen the amount they may have to pay. They do this in various ways. For instance, they may use devious tactics to put the blame on the plaintiff such as tricking them into making statements that put them in a bad light. They may interview the plaintiff and record the conversation.

Your injury attorney will talk to the insurance company, representing you. Further, your lawyer will look into the at-fault person's policy with its limits and exceptions. This takes the burden off you and the stress that accompanies it.

The Lawyer Will Determine Economic Damages

The attorney will document the economic damages you suffered in great detail. These damages include present and future medical costs, lost wages and other benefits linked to your work. They will calculate other expenses due to the accident such as rehabilitation, assistive devices, the cost of hiring others to do household tasks you generally perform and the like. No cost is too small when determining the financial loss the at-fault party inflicted.

Pain and Suffering

These intangible losses a person experiences after an accident can be catastrophic. They include emotional and psychological damages the accident caused. An example would be facial disfigurement after a car accident. Oftentimes, the injured party will suffer humiliation, anxiety and withdraw from society and friends. Since most insurance policies do not routinely cover cosmetic surgery, your lawyer will use his or her legal acumen to obtain the medical damages you need.

Using Experts

Finding the right experts can be complicated. Your attorney is experienced in this and will ensure that the experts will provide the evidence your case demands.

Your Attorney Will Properly Document Evidence

Evidence can disappear after an accident. For instance, vehicles are quickly cleared from the road and often destroyed. Your attorney might insist that the vehicles are preserved. One reason this is done is when an auto defect is suspected as the causative agent in the crash. This allows for a mechanical inspection of the vehicle to document the defect as the reason the accident occurred and is used in a product liability lawsuit.

Increasing the Compensation You Receive

Studies have shown repeatedly that plaintiffs who use an attorney recover a much higher compensation. This is because the lawyer will not accept a low-ball offer by the insurer.

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