How Defects Are Responsible for Auto Accidents – Myrtle Beach

How Defects Are Responsible for Auto Accidents – Myrtle Beach

How Defects Are Responsible for Auto Accidents – Myrtle Beach Car gets involved in an accident in an intersection.

Auto Accidents Caused by Manufacturer Defects

While driver error is a significant cause of car accidents, it is not the only one. Auto defects cause many crashes. The biggest problem for the injured party is finding an attorney that will prove that defects were responsible for the client’s injuries. 

Morris Law Works Hard to Prove Why Your Accident Happened

Determining liability is always an essential step in filing a lawsuit since the case will not proceed without proof of negligence. But defective auto parts are an entirely different story. preserving the vehicle is important. Unless a defective car is preserved, it is much harder to prove that an auto defect caused the accident. 

Beyond that, our investigators go the extra step. They research similar situations involving the same type of vehicle across the country. Fortunately, agencies that monitor frequent defect-based accidents maintain a record of complaints. Our investigators work alongside experts in the field to determine if an auto defect caused your car accident.

Brake Failure

Brake failure is one of the most common types of car defects and is a traumatic experience. When the driver applies their defective brakes, the car fails to slow and crashes into an obstacle or another vehicle at high speed. There is little a motorist can do to avoid an accident in such situations.

Defective Tires

Tires can and do have defects. When you purchase a defective tire, you risk having a car accident. The problem is you can’t see the faults and protect yourself. However, the Morris Law Firm can help when a crash occurs due to defects ranging from poor design, negligent manufacturing, or failure to warn. 

Some of the most common defects are:

  • Tread and belt separation: Tread separation is common in steel-belted tires where the steel does not adhere to the rubber. Heat and highway speeds increase the risk this will happen. So-called “safety belts” can lower the chance that separation will occur, yet many manufacturers do not use this feature. 
  • Multi-use problems: Installers often suffer significant injury and death when installing tires on a multi-use rim.
  • Bead failure: The tire can explode when inflated too much if the beading wire is not strong enough. If the tires are second-hand or old, they can explode even if the air amount meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

What Are the Three Reasons for Defects?

Defects can be due to:

  • Design defects: This type is consistently present in the product line even if the manufacturing process is flawless.
  • Manufacturing defects: This defect is due to flaws in the manufacturing process.
  • Failure to warn: In such cases, advertising is misleading, instructions are inadequate and manufacturers leave consumers unaware of risks. 

How to File a Lawsuit for Defect-Based Auto Accidents

Product liability lawsuits are used if a defect-based auto accident occurs. At Morris Law, our investigators and engineers evaluate the vehicle for defects. In South Carolina, it is unnecessary to prove negligence, which makes the process less cumbersome. 

Morris Law

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