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Driver gets distracted trying to text while driving.

Causes of Car Accidents

There are numerous reasons for car accidents, and being aware of them may help you stay safe. While you may do everything you can to stay safe, not all drivers do. Having an idea of what other drivers can do that may affect your life gives you an upper hand. Being proactive will keep you from being injured, and keep your family from losing your love and assistance. Let’s look at the different types of car accident causes. 

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Forms of Driver Behavior that Result in an Auto Accident

Stanford University studied the types of driver behavior that led to a car accident and found that human error is responsible for 90 percent of car accidents. Some of the leading behaviors are listed below:

  • Driver distraction: This behavior is one of the leading reasons for car accidents. This is in line with the uptick in multitasking where people believe they can do more than one thing at a time. In a motor vehicle, such activities are eating, playing with the radio, looking for an object on the floor or in the glove compartment or talking to a passenger. All take the driver’s focus off the road where it should be. Thinking about something other than the road ahead, looking away from the road or removing one’s hands from the wheel are all ways to be distracted.
  • Texting: This is the leading reason for driving distracted. Because it has caused more than one million car accidents in a year’s time, it deserves a category of its own. When engaging in texting, the driver’s cognitive, visual and physical focus is affected. 
  • Drunk driving: This activity lessens the person’s ability to reason and maintain sufficient motor coordination to drive safely. Overall, more than 10,000 people are killed each year due to a drunk driver. 
  • Reckless drivers: Some drivers behave recklessly on the road. They change lanes repeatedly without signaling they are about to do so, tailgate and yell profanities. In some cases, reckless drivers slip into road rage, which escalates their behavior to one that is responsible for serious injuries or deaths. Road rage is often regarded as a criminal act. 
  • Speeding: Drivers who speed are a concern since they often lose control of their vehicle. Doing this on wet or slippery roads is an example of egregious behavior and may be a reason for the plaintiff’s attorney to request punitive damages, which are used to punish the errant driver. 
  • Traffic signals: Some drivers believe their time is more important than safety and speed through a red light. Unfortunately, running a red light is a major reason for pedestrian and driver fatalities.
  • Defective auto parts: Manufacturers whose products are defective account for many roadway crashes. This major reason for car accidents can include brake, tire and other defects. If this caused your accident, you can file a product liability lawsuit to claim damages. 

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