Top Seven Reasons People Obtain a Divorce

Top Seven Reasons People Obtain a Divorce Wedding bands rest on divorce papers.

Why Do People Get Divorced?

The divorce rate has varied over the years, and currently, 50 percent of marriages end in the United States. The percentage of marriages that dissolve is higher if the partners were married in the past. Various studies have examined broken marriages, and the one thing that remains constant is why it happens. Couples don’t give up easily but tend to end the union when they feel that there is no chance of resolving the reasons why their once happy marriage ended. Let’s examine the top reasons researchers found for ending a marriage. 

Financial Difficulties

Having financial trouble is a leading reason for a South Carolina divorce, and researchers find that communities, where income is low, have the highest divorce rate in the country. For the most part, people have different views on how finances are handled, and this is true in many marriages. In fact, 41 percent of couples say that financial difficulties were the breaking point of their marriage. 

Several reasons couples give for this difficulty can include a range of irreconcilable problems. A major issue is when a couple does not share the same spending habits or financial goals. A stressful marriage hit with financial difficulties can make partners look toward divorce.

A wide discrepancy between the income each spouse brings into the marriage. With time and troubled marriage, this ends up being a power play and one where the higher-earning spouse can hold it over their partner. 


An extramarital affair often makes it difficult to hold the marriage together. Spouses report that many times this is the one thing they cannot forget or forgive. Marital infidelity is responsible for 20-40 percent of divorces. Divorced couples report that is because it is difficult to trust a partner who has strayed. 

People who have extramarital affairs often report that anger is a leading reason why they strayed. But, there is no simple reason for this behavior. Many times, a friendship at work and common day-to-day shared events can turn into an affair. 

Arguing Constantly

Repeated arguments without resolution are another reason why couples divorce. In fact, it is listed as a factor in 57 percent of all marital breaks. Spouses report that their feelings and issues are being ignored.

Non-Commutative Spouses

Communication is key to a good marriage, yet many spouses report this does not always happen. It is critical that spouses are able to listen to one another’s needs and resolve them. It is frustrating when a spouse feels that they are not being heard or their problems are labeled as foolish. 

Lack of communication also leads to a feeling of abandonment and loneliness, which can end in an extramarital affair. Lack of communication is listed as a reason for 67 percent of all marriages. 


The lack of intimacy, whether emotional or physical, is a reason for many divorces. Physical and emotional drives are not always shared and leave spouses feeling isolated and ignored in a large number of marriages. Talking about this is important in reconciling the differences between a couple of experiences. 


Physical or emotional abuse is a leading reason for a marriage breakup and contributes to roughly a quarter of all divorces. Often, this is caused by deep-seated emotional and psychological issues for one or both partners. Whatever the reason behind the abuse, marriage counselors agree that abuse should not be tolerated. 

Lack of Preparedness

Some people are simply unprepared for entering into matrimony. This is often the result of age but not always. Nonetheless, this reason is usually found in people in their 20s. 

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