Top Seven Things to Do After Auto Accidents

Motorists exchange insurance information after having a car accident.

What You Need to Do After Auto Accidents

There are roughly six million auto accidents every year in the United States. Of these traffic incidents, about 33 percent cause serious injury, and 20 percent result in fatalities. Although most motorists consistently try to adhere to the rules of the road, there are enough reckless drivers to go around. According to Forbes,  every driver has a good chance of having a minimum of three to four auto accidents throughout their driving lifetime. 

As medical expenses continue to soar, the cost of each crash will increase in increments. The driver who fails to follow protocols after an auto accident is more likely to pay increased rates. So, it is important to understand what to do after a car crash. To be ready when the unthinkable happens, let’s delve into the main things you must do.

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Why You Need to Know What Steps to Take After Auto Accidents

There are things you can do after an auto accident that increase your ability to obtain fair compensation. After a collision, you most likely will be affected emotionally, and waiting until a crash occurs is too late to be clear about what you can do. Let’s look at what steps you can take to be proactive when you are involved in an accident.

Obtain Medical Care

One of the most important things you can do is to obtain medical care after an auto accident. Beware that your perception of pain may be hidden by the adrenaline soaring through your system in the aftermath of a crash. Obtaining a baseline examination by your private physician or in an emergency room is essential in the days ahead. Seek medical care even in a minor accident. For example, a rear-end collision may seem insignificant initially, but it can result in a cervical sprain that causes persistent pain for months or years.

Don’t’ Leave the Scene

It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident even if it was not your fault. By doing this, you can complicate your case and reduce the amount of compensation you will receive.

Call the Police

Depending on the situation, the police may or may not be able to respond to your accident. Call anyway. If the police respond, an accident report will be filed, which is helpful. Make sure to get the officer’s name and badge number, and ask for a copy of the report.

Contact Information Is Important

While you are waiting for the police to arrive, gather the contact information of others involved in the auto accident and the witnesses. Don’t express an opinion about the accident when you are doing this since it might come back to haunt you later on.

Take Pictures After Auto Accidents

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this was never truer than in an auto accident. Take a photo of the placement of the vehicles and any damage they sustained. If you are injured, take a picture of that too. It is also essential to document road conditions and location signage. 

Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as you can after the crash, call your insurance carrier. Just give them the facts surrounding the crash. Don’t respond to questions you don’t know the answer to by guessing. Just say you don’t know. The insurer may insist that your conversation be taped. You do not have to do this. 

Call an Attorney

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the defendant will not fight to dispel their fault and try to get you to pay financially as well as physically for their negligence. Having the legal insight an experienced attorney can provide is essential to a successful outcome. 

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