Types of Medical Malpractice Cases in South Carolina

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases in South Carolina Doctor performs surgery on patient in operating room.

Medical Malpractice Types in South Carolina

Mistakes by medical professionals occur frequently, but not every mistake can be classified as medical malpractice. For starters, some types are more common than others. In addition, beyond identifying a mistake, the plaintiff (injured party) must show that the level of care that led to the mistake fell below the standard for the community. That is to say, the mistake was due to care that was not in keeping with the level of care any doctor in a specific specialty is expected to provide. 

Forms of Medical Malpractice That Cause Harm to a Patient

The error made by a medical professional must not only be below the level of care, it must also cause harm to the patient for a lawsuit to be successfully filed and resolved. That is why having a legal professional on board makes a huge difference when you or a family member believes the care they received was linked to physical harm.

Some of the most common types of medical malpractice are:

  • Medication errors: The prescription process relies on correct prescribing information, filling the prescription properly and distributing the medication appropriately. Errors anywhere along the line can cause serious problems for the patient and, in some cases, fatalities. At every step, the person in charge such as the pharmacist and physician will be held accountable. If the medication is dispensed improperly, the hospital will be liable, especially when a nurse gives one patient the medication meant for another. Medication errors can be due to a doctor prescribing erroneously due to a wrong diagnosis, or the strength of the drug may be inaccurately calculated. 
  • Misdiagnosis: The diagnostic process is one where a doctor uses the tools they have to determine why someone is ill. If the condition is not diagnosed correctly or early enough, the patient’s illness may progress to a later stage that is not as easily treated, if at all. When this happens, the patient’s life may be put in jeopardy or they may suffer immensely. During the malpractice lawsuit, your lawyer will rely on the testimony of expert witnesses who are able to prove that the doctor did not provide the level of care that was needed. The expert would explain how the wrong diagnosis was responsible for the patient’s worsening condition or demise.
  • Surgical error: Some surgical errors are clear cut such as when a surgeon performs a procedure on the wrong patient or operates on the wrong body part. In others, the surgeon may leave an instrument or sponges in the patient’s body. Other procedures may not be needed or worsen the patient’s condition. In the latter case, an expert may be needed when the case goes to court. 
  • Problems with anesthesia: An anesthesiologist’s job during surgery is critical to keeping the patient safe. One mistake can result in brain injuries or death. For instance, the anesthesiologist might administer the wrong dose. They may also choose a form of anesthesia that the patient had issues with in the past or has allergies to the medication. The anesthesiologist must carefully review the patient’s chart for anesthesia issues prior to surgery. They also need to carefully monitor the patient’s vitals and other signs that might indicate a problem during the procedure.

Liability Determinations

As you can see, medical malpractice is often complicated, and a knowledge of medical issues and the resources to hire experts during the lawsuit is essential for the successful outcome of the claim. Not all attorneys have the experience that is necessary. But, the attorneys at Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers do. 

Medical Malpractice Attorney in the Myrtle Beach Area

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