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Workplace Injuries in South Carolina – Morris Law Firm

Workplace Injuries in South Carolina – Morris Law Firm Worker lies hurt at worksite.

Being Injured in the Workplace - Morris Law Firm

Workplace injuries and illnesses in South Carolina mean that the sufferer can claim workers’ compensation. The risk of injury or illness depends on where the employee is working, in what type of job and the safety precautions the company takes to protect its workers. Workers’ compensation allows an injured employee to draw benefits, which helps support them and their family. Below, we will explore the most common injuries suffered in the workplace.

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Workers and Injury Rates

According to the National Safety Council, from 2018 to 2019, 4,572 deaths and more than 4.6 million injuries occurred on the job that could have been prevented. Construction workers represent the highest number of injuries and fatalities on the job. The transportation sector, along with warehouse jobs, represented the second-highest number of injuries and fatalities, followed by agriculture, forest, hunting and fishing.

Traffic Collisions and Workplace Injuries

Those who drive for different companies always face the risk of becoming involved in a traffic collision. This not only includes a truck or delivery drivers but those who operate forklifts, tractors, combines and other equipment. If an accident injury is caused by a third party such as the driver of a passenger vehicle or poor road maintenance by a government entity, the injured party can go outside workers’ compensation to place a claim.

Falls and Workplace Injuries

Construction industry falls are one of the major causes of worker fatalities but can happen in other workplaces. A fall from a stairway, unprotected raised surface, ladder or roof can result in fatalities or serious workplace injuries. Fall protection is mandated by OSHA in locations where heights are a danger. However, inadequate safety equipment, lack of safety training, poorly built scaffolding and other problems can be the cause of a worker’s injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall can occur in any type of work environment. They can be caused by unsecured cables, bad lighting, uneven flooring and spills, just to name a few. A serious slip and fall can result in broken bones, injury to the spinal cord or brain or others that can leave a worker unable to do their job. It is the employer’s responsibility to clearly mark hazards that cannot be addressed quickly. 

Entanglement Workplace Injuries

Entanglement injuries caused by industrial machines often result in severe workplace injuries or fatalities. In some cases, a surgical team has to be brought to the site to perform an amputation to release the worker. Serious crush injuries may also occur. In some cases, the protective shield has been removed to allow faster operation, or the employee hasn’t been properly trained. In others, hair, jewelry, loose clothing and other items can drag a worker into the machine, causing serious injuries. It is the employer’s responsibility to post warning signs on hazardous equipment, train workers to use it safely and provide protective equipment and barriers to keep employees safe.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

The work in some jobs requires repetitive motions that can end up causing carpal tunnel syndrome. This type of nerve damage can occur in assembly lines, computer work, typing and other jobs. Weakness in the hand and arm, tingling and numbness are the result and can prevent a worker from performing their job.

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