Auto Accident in Myrtle Beach – Two Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Case

Adjuster inspects car involved in accident.

If you are in an auto accident in Myrtle Beach, you probably know that you need to call the police to report the accident. You may know that you need to report the crash to your insurance provider. You probably know that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to document your injuries from the car crash.

However, two mistakes could hurt your chance of recovering full compensation for damages. They are simple mistakes that many people do not even think about after an auto accident in Myrtle Beach.

Avoid These Two Mistakes After an Auto Accident in Myrtle Beach

Remember these two things after an auto accident in Myrtle Beach:

1.  Anything You Say Could Be Used Against You

That statement usually applies in criminal cases more than personal injury cases. However, it is true in auto accident cases. The comments you make after the accident, online, to family members, or to an insurance adjuster could be used in a trial to hurt your case.

For instance, an insurance adjuster asks you what you were doing the morning of the car wreck. He encourages you to walk him through your morning step-by-step. You tell the adjuster you woke up late and were in a rush when you left the house. You had a meeting and were in a hurry to get to the office.

In court, the defense attorney alleges that you were speeding at the time of the accident because you were running late. He tells the jury that your speed was a contributing factor to the cause of the accident. If the jury believes this narrative, your could receive less compensation under South Carolina’s comparative fault law.

If you admit that you were not sure how fast you were going to a friend, that friend could be called to court to testify about what you said. Likewise, posts on Facebook or other social media sites could become evidence in a trial.

It is best to avoid talking to anyone about the accident except for the police officer, your physician, and your car accident lawyer.

2. Settling Your Case Too Early Causes You to Lose Money

An insurance adjuster may try to convince you to settle your accident claim quickly. Never agree to a settlement agreement if you have not completed treatment for your injuries. Signing a settlement agreement ends your claim. You cannot demand more money after you release the insurance company and the other party from liability.

You cannot know the severity of injuries or the extent of your damages until you complete medical treatment. If you sustain a permanent impairment, you could receive substantial compensation for future loss of income and ongoing medical care.

Before you accept a settlement offer from an insurance provider, meet with a car accident attorney to discuss your case. Our lawyers will review your claim and any settlement offers to determine if the insurance company has made a fair offer given the facts of your case.

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