Common Workplace Accidents

Common Workplace Accidents

People that work at a corporate office might not have to worry about safety hazards in a way that a person that works in a factory has to. When an employee is injured on the job, their entire lives can be negatively affected inside and outside of work. But there is a risk, nonetheless. Sitting at a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, can cause lifelong back problems, just like an upright tire rolling down a conveyor belt and striking an individual from behind would.

OSHA refers to some of the main factors that cause deadly workplace accidents, including falls, electrocution, getting hit by an object, or getting caught in between objects. Some of the most common workplace accidents have to do with these four factors. Below are among the most noted accidents in the workplace.

  1. Truck and Car accidents: Delivery drivers, whether they drive for a logistics company or a pizza shop, encounter some risk of having an accident with their vehicle. 
  2. Trip and Tumbles: Both blue collar and white collar places of work are at risk of having an employee tripping and tumbling over wet floors, fallen objects, and other obstacles that could be unseen without a proper warning sign nearby. 
  3. Falling from high places: Places of construction and carpentry have a big risk of workers losing their balance on ladders, rooftops, stairs, or buildings. Accidents within the construction realm are often composed of all Fatal Four factors.
  4. Being electrocuted: With exposed wiring and equipment, there is always a possibility of hitting a live wire and exposing yourself to injury or death.
  5. Getting hit by or run up against an object: Factories are made up of moving parts (machinery and small vehicles) and just walking around the building of one can be a safety hazard. 
  6. Getting caught in machinery: Working near a conveyor belt keeps one mindful of what they are wearing. Loose items like clothing, jewelry, hair, jackets, and lanyards, can increase the possibility of a person getting caught in machinery and cause a serious injury.
  7. Muscle strain or injury: Doing the same thing over and over again, especially over a number of years, can cause wear and tear on the body. Sudden injuries like muscle cramps, sprains, or even tears can occur in laborious work conditions and environments. 

Workplace Accidents Reporting

If you have experienced an accident at work, a lawyer can assist you with workers’ compensation. Report any injury you experience at your workplace and seek help for your injury at a medical facility. Having documentation from your employer and your doctor of what happened to you is a sure way to have the tools to make a solid workers’ compensation claim. It is also good to do your research with OSHA and the National Safety Council to see if your workplace is up to code on its safety procedures, standards, and policies for its employees.

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