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Moving Truck Accidents in South Carolina – Morris Law Firm

Moving Truck Accidents in South Carolina – Morris Law Firm Semi Truck cruises on freeway by river in overcast cityscape.

When Inexperienced Drivers Drive a Moving Truck

Moving trucks are a common sight in South Carolina as more people move to the Palmetto State. For example, more than 63,000 people moved to South Carolina in the period between 2017 and 2018. This number does not take into account all the intrastate moves. Unfortunately, such trucks can be dangerous. Let’s delve into the dangers associated with moving trucks, the types of accidents and problems related to them and what you can do to obtain the compensation you deserve if you suffered injuries in an accident with one. 

Truck Accident Attorney in South Carolina

When you are injured in a moving truck accident, feel free to contact us at the Jeff Morris Law Firm in Myrtle Breach and Aiken. Our lawyers will provide the compassionate and professional legal advice you require. Our firm offers a free claim evaluation, giving you the chance to discuss your case, ask questions of experienced attorneys and learn what options you have going forward. It is best to move quickly since evidence can disappear, and the time limit to have your case heard can lapse. 

Reasons for Moving Truck Crashes

Some of the common reasons for moving truck accidents are:

  • Lack of training: Whether it is a lack of training and experience necessary to load and drive a moving truck or the failure of trucking companies to secure sufficient numbers of vetted workers, some drivers are not prepared to handle a moving truck. Lack of driver experience is a big reason for moving truck accidents.
  • Cargo: Loading too much cargo and not securing it properly can lead to a truck crash. When cargo is not loaded properly, it can shift during transport and cause the truck to overturn, especially when rounding a curve.
  • Speeding: Doing this can make it hard for a driver to control their vehicle properly, resulting in an accident. In addition, the weight of a moving truck can add to the momentum of the vehicle and result in catastrophic injuries. Inexperienced drivers often do not understand the dangers linked to speeding when driving a moving truck.
  • Distracted driving: This behavior is quickly becoming a leading cause of traffic accidents. A new moving truck driver may not be familiar with their route, and rather than paying attention to the road ahead, they might be looking at a GPS unit.
  • Blind spots: Truckers know that they have problems seeing other vehicles around them due to blind spots. These are areas on either side of the truck and in the front and rear where the trucker’s lack of clear sight makes it difficult to drive. Since moving truck drivers are not required to have a CDL license, the lack of formal training can make a big difference when it comes to safety.
  • Inspection and maintenance: Moving van companies, independent haulers and drivers must maintain their vehicles and have them inspected routinely. If this is not done, moving truck accidents can occur. Also, those who rent a moving truck should inquire about the state of the brakes, tires and overall maintenance. 

Who Is at Fault for a Moving Truck Accident?

The driver of the truck can be held liable in a moving truck accident. A company that owns the moving truck can also be held responsible, Your personal injury lawyer can help in assigning fault.

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