The Dangers of a T-Bone Accident

The Dangers of a T-Bone Accident
two cars involved in a t-bone accident

A T-Bone Accident Can Cause Traumatic Injuries

A T-bone accident is especially dangerous because most of the reinforcement on a motor vehicle is on its front and rear end. The human body is moved in ways that are not normal when they are suddenly flung sideways upon impact. Also, the speeds at which the vehicle is struck tend to be higher, which amplifies the impact and trauma to those inside. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, broadside collisions accounted for the second-highest number of fatalities in a traffic accident in 2019, following head-on crashes.

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What Types of Injuries Commonly Occur in a T-Bone Accident?

Following are the most common types of trauma experienced by those who are injured in a T-bone accident:

  • Neck and spinal injuries: Because the head of a driver or passenger is flung sideways in a broadside collision, cervical strain or sprain, known as whiplash, is a common injury. Most cases of whiplash heal in a few months. Others can become a chronic condition and last for more than a year, interfering with the injured party’s ability to work and enjoy their life. This type of sudden sideways motion can also cause problems with the spine such as a herniated disc or pinched nerve. Long-term medical treatment can be necessary to repair the damages. Other cases cause permanent problems.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: T-bone accidents can cause any type of brain injury from a concussion to hemorrhage. Although many newer vehicles are equipped with side airbags, there are times when the head or brain injury is caused by their close proximity. In more serious injuries, the individual may suffer cognitive changes, memory loss and other problems that can require extensive hospitalization and treatment.
  • Injuries to the hip and leg area: Leg or hip fractures can occur in a T-bone accident because this is about the height where the other vehicle is striking in this kind of collision. Hip and leg fractures can be serious and often require surgical repair and rehabilitative care.
  • Shoulder injuries: During the collision, the driver or passenger can suffer injury to the rotator cuff in their shoulder either from the impact or stress of the seat restraint. Serious trauma to the rotator cuff may require surgical repair.

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