What Is Family Law in Myrtle Beach?

What Is Family Law in Myrtle Beach? father hugging children and happy

Practicing Family Law in Myrtle Beach

The practice of family law involves marriage, child custody and divorce, along with other aspects of marital life. Your attorney will represent you in negotiations and in family court. While South Carolina lawyers are able to handle all aspects of family law, some limit their practice to certain areas. It is important to find out if your lawyer will handle the specific area you need. Let’s look at some aspects of family law and how an attorney can help.


No one ever said that divorce is easy. It can tear a family apart and cause misgivings that last for years. Unfortunately, the divorce process can polarize the spouses and children alike. A divorce lawyer’s duty is to help obtain the best outcome for their client. However, many divorce lawyers also look to help reach an amenable settlement between the spouses, especially when children are involved.

How to Make the Divorce Process Less of an Emotional Strain

One of the biggest problems in most divorces is that it places the marriage partners on edge. Spouses who were friends in the past may turn into bitter enemies. This happens most frequently when adultery and money issues are present. So, how does a family law practitioner help dispel such feelings? 

One effective way is to act as a mediator. Not all lawyers want to take on this role, and marriage mediators are available. This approach helps to get the spouses to talk to one another and stop blaming each other. It does not always work, but when it does, the results are better for everyone.


One huge aspect of divorce is alimony. This is a way to support one spouse who may not have a regular income. There are several types of alimony in South Carolina;

  • Temporary alimony: This is a type of alimony where the dependent spouse receives financial help while the divorce is pending.
  • Monthly alimony: This version is paid monthly until the dependent spouse is able to monetarily fend for themselves.
  • Rehabilitative alimony: As the dependent spouse is trying to become financially self-sufficient, they may need funds to pay bills and the like. The amount of support the person receives is determined by the court. 
  • Reimbursing a spouse: If one spouse paid for another’s education, such as medical school, the supportive spouse may ask them for reimbursement. This can be done as installment payments.

Child Custody 

The court in South Carolina will look for custody agreements that are in the best interests of the child. The parents need to come to an agreement on where the children will live after the divorce and ensure they can abide by it without stressing their family. The family law attorney helps draft such an agreement. If it does not work, the attorney will help amend the agreement.


In many cases, the intended spouses will use a prenuptial agreement that provides structure if the marriage fails. It is a contract agreed to by both parties and holds up in civil court. For the most part, the prenuptial agreement will map out the way alimony is paid and property is distributed.  

Family Law Attorney Myrtle Beach

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