Why Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen – Morris Law Firm

Why Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen – Morris Law Firm

Why Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen – Morris Law Firm Motorcycle and helmet lie on the road after an accident.

Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Motorcycle accidents are common and frequently cause serious injuries. Motorcyclists lack the protection motorists enjoy, so the results of an accident can easily be catastrophic. It is important to know about the different reasons motorcycle crashes occur since it provides both the motorist and the motorcyclist with ways to avoid a collision. 

Most Motorcycle Accidents Do Not Happen in Intersections

While intersections are notorious for an increased frequency of accidents, motorcycle crashes are not one of them. In fact, motorcycle collisions often happen on high-speed thoroughfares. The biggest reason here is that the motorcycles are going faster than they would in an intersection. 

Head-on Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 41,000 accidents in 2018 involved a head-on collision. This includes accidents where the motorcycle strikes a stationary object or another vehicle. 

Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Urban Areas

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, urban areas show the most motorcycle accident activity. According to the NHTSA, roughly 60 percent of all motorcycle accidents occur in urban areas. This is likely due to the increased traffic in urban settings along with higher numbers of bicyclists and pedestrians. This congestion, along with other types of distraction, leads to higher numbers of motorcycle crashes. 

Also, urban roads in heavily trafficked areas are more likely to have potholes that can cause a motorcycle accident. In cases where potholes and other street defects are responsible for a motorcycle crash, the city can be held responsible for the accident. Since these accidents have a much shorter time limit in which a claim can be filed, the assistance of a personal injury lawyer can be of immense help and ensure a timely filing of all documents.

Geographical Locations

Areas with colder weather do not have as many motorcycle accidents. Areas with good weather and many visitors are more likely to have motorcycle crashes. Since South Carolina has pleasant weather most of the year and is blessed with many tourists, the likelihood of being in a motorcycle accident is higher.

Other Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

In addition to the occurrences described above, some of the following examples of human error cause motorcycle accidents:

  • Distraction: Whether it’s the motorcyclist or the motorist, distraction accounts for many collisions. This occurs when the driver or biker is thinking or talking about something other than the road. This is a common  reason for all types of accidents today and is almost as prevalent and deadly as drunk driving.
  • Drunk driving: An inebriated driver or motorcyclist is unable to navigate the road with the care that is necessary to avoid accidents. This goes for the use of drugs too.
  • Reckless driving: A driver or motorcyclist who is weaving in and out of traffic or running a red light is liable for many accidents. Aggressive driving is another example of reckless behavior.
  • Speeding: Driving over the speed limit is the reason for many motorcycle accidents. The intensity of the crash increases as the speed increases. In addition, the driver/motorcyclist loses control of their vehicle at greater speeds.

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