Drunk Driving in South Carolina

Drunk Driving in South Carolina

Drunk Driving in South Carolina Motorist about to get on the road after heavy drinking.

DUI Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Roadway accidents are often caused by drunk driving. There are almost 30 drunk driving fatalities in the United States each day. The consequences of drunk driving go beyond arrests. Families face a life without their loved one killed in an accident and face significant financial hurdles. It is important that the drunk driver pays for the damages they caused. In order for civil damages to be recovered, a claim must be filed. A personal injury lawyer can help in this and work to provide the compensation that is needed.

Morris Law Firm

The attorneys at the Morris law firm have helped many people whose lives were shattered by a drunk driver. The results of a drunk driving accident can quickly decimate a life, leaving the injured party or their family unable to fight for themselves. When that happens, the attorneys at Morris Law step in to help them recover damages. When a wrongful death is involved, Jeff Morris helps families get the financial compensation necessary for them to go on. If this happens to you, call (843) 232-0944 to schedule a free case review to learn what options you have going forward, get answers to all your questions and learn what you need to do. 

Compensation for a Drunk Driving Accident

Victims of a drunk driving accident need to be compensated for their loss. It is wrong when an innocent person must suffer both financial and physical harm due to another’s wrongful behavior. Not only do they suffer physical pain but they experience emotional and psychological harm as well. These translate into financial loss.

The following compensation can be recovered in a drunk driving lawsuit:

  • Medical costs: These include the cost of emergency room care, doctor fees, hospital expenses, diagnostic tests and others. Medical costs also include home care, rehabilitation, assistive devices and even home modification.
  • Lost wages: If a person cannot work at the same job due to an accident, the wages he/she loses are covered. If the injury consequences persist into the future, extended monetary losses are also covered. This compensation includes benefits the person would have earned and other perks of the job. In the event the person must take another job in the future due to their injuries at a lower salary, the difference can also be recovered.
  • Pain and suffering: Consequences such as anxiety, insomnia, fear of driving and post-traumatic stress disorder are all included in a drunk driving lawsuit. 
  • Punitive damages: Drunk drivers also face punitive damages. These are not meant to provide compensation for economic losses but are aimed at punishing the drunk driver. They are usually higher than compensatory damages.

Proving Drunk Driving 

In order for the case to proceed, the personal injury lawyer must prove drunk driving. Even though an injury accident case is a civil matter, a DUI is not. Usually, the drunk driver will be charged and arrested at the scene. The police provide proof such as a Breathalyzer or blood test or others. A criminal case can be used in a civil claim with success since the evidence in the former instance is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. 

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When a DUI driver causes your injuries, the Morris Law Firm in Aiken is here to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Let us help you recover your lost wages, hospital and other medical expenses and fair compensation for pain and suffering. Call us at (803) 470-4444, or connect with us online.


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