The Seafood Capital of South Carolina, Murrells Inlet draws visitors to nearby Myrtle Beach looking for a unique place to stay and a more laid-back atmosphere. Unfortunately, hazards can result in severe injuries to residents or visitors of Murrells Inlet, including traffic accidents, falls at local retail and dining establishments, accidents at the workplace, or even risks associated with chartered deep-sea fishing expeditions. Reach out to a Murrells Inlet brain injury lawyer.

One of the most serious and debilitating injuries a person can incur is a brain injury. The brain's involvement in the body's processes and responses and its limited ability to heal from damage. 

If you or your loved one have suffered a brain injury in Murrells Inlet, an experienced brain injury lawyer from Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers can help you understand the personal injury claims process used to seek compensation for both the financial and psychological costs of your injury and tell you more about the services our team can provide to help you with your claim.

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Murrells Inlet Brain Injury Lawyers

Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers legal team consists of experienced trial lawyers who provide compassionate and aggressive advocacy for our clients. We operate under the belief that our clients come first, and they deserve our full commitment. We handle brain injury cases involving traffic accidents, aviation or boating accidents, premises liability matters, nursing home abuse, workplace accidents resulting in a workers' compensation claim or third-party liability, and medical malpractice.

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How Much Is a Brain Injury Claim Worth in South Carolina?

 Brain injuries are commonly referred to as catastrophic injuries due to the likelihood that an injury to the brain will result in permanent disabilities.

The level of disability incurred due to a traumatic brain injury depends not only on the severity of the injury but the part of the brain where the damage occurred. The brain consists of several segments—known as lobes—that control different body functions.

The brain has only a limited ability to heal from injury, and the disabilities that can occur from a brain injury include:

  • Difficulty controlling emotions, impulses, and behavior.
  • Memory loss.
  • The inability to speak or understand spoken language.
  • Loss of a primary sense such as vision, hearing, smell, or taste.
  • Difficulty moving in a balanced or coordinated manner.
  • Difficulty perceiving the size and shape of objects.
  • Even the loss of the ability to breathe independently.

While there really is no average value to a brain injury claim due to the vast differences between injuries suffered by individuals and other details that are unique to a specific case, brain injury claims tend to recover more compensation because of the expenses and impacts the claimant suffered during the acute phase of the injury, and to account for the estimated expenses they will incur due to the permanence of the injury. 

The compensation that claimants can seek through the brain injury claims process include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Income loss and permanent loss of earning capacity due to the injury's impact on the sufferer's ability to work
  • Property damage resulting from the accident that caused the injury, such as repair or replacement of a vehicle damaged in a car accident
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Inconvenience and other quality-of-life impacts stemming from the injury

The Causes of Brain Injuries in Murrells Inlet

A blow to the head often causes brain injuries due to auto accidents, falls, or intentional acts such as assault or abuse. However, they can also result from oxygen deprivation through drowning or other circumstances in which the injured party's body cannot maintain breathing and heart rate sufficient to deliver oxygenated blood to the brain.

There is a tremendous focus on outdoor activities and recreation in Murrells Inlet, and offering those activities to residents and visitors is a major part of the economy. However, attracting tourists also impacts the number of vehicles on the roadway and the behavior of drivers unfamiliar with the local roadways and in a vacation state of mind that can include distractions, alcohol impairment, or even driving too fast.

Accidents involving aviation and boats are also common in the area and may result in brain injuries. Boating incidents can result in brain injuries through collisions and accidents on the vessel, such as slips and falls resulting from a charter company's failure to mitigate hazards that can cause injuries to guests. Brain injuries can also occur due to near-drownings that deprive the brain of oxygen.

Murrells Inlet's population grows by more than 4 percent annually. This increase in residents adds vehicles to roads filled by tourists and results in the need to construct new buildings and roads. The construction industry has one of the highest workplace injury and fatality rates in the U.S., and one of the most dangerous types of accidents that can occur on a construction site and result in a brain injury is a fall from an elevated area. Brain injuries caused by falls can also occur in retail buildings in the region, with victims that include workers and customers.

The Many Impacts of Brain Injuries

An op-ed published by Northwestern University notes that the lifetime cost of medical treatment alone for a person who has incurred a brain injury can range between $85,000 and $3 million and includes treatment for both the injury and the medical complications that often arise from such injuries. Making the situation more disastrous for brain injury sufferers and their families is the reality that many people with brain injuries can never again participate in the workforce. 

Beyond the financial woes suffered by those who have brain injuries, claimants also frequently suffer significant psychological impacts. The injury can produce physical pain, suffering, and the inconvenience of frequent appointments and medical interventions. The disabilities can prevent them from participating in activities they previously enjoyed and keep them from accomplishing daily living tasks unassisted.

Their relationships with family and friends can be permanently changed by the injury, with friends finding they no longer have much in common with the claimant and family members being left in isolation and without the intimate, enjoyable aspects of their relationship as they provide care for their injured loved one.

Fighting the Insurance Company for the Compensation You Need

While the personal injury claims process provides an avenue for those in Murrells Inlet to seek compensation for their injury's profound financial and psychological impacts, these claims are typically filed first against a relevant insurance policy with liability coverage that the at-fault party holds.

And while insurance companies are required to meet their contractual obligations to their insured, including covering the cost of harm the insured has inflicted on others as a result of their carelessness or recklessness, large payouts are perceived by these companies as a threat to their bottom line.

Because of this, insurance companies will typically fight to devalue or even eliminate personal injury claims.

The same is true when a workers' compensation claim is filed after a brain injury has occurred at a workplace. Workers' compensation insurers also attempt to limit the payout on claims.

The experienced Murrells Inlet personal injury and workers' compensation lawyer from Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers can fight for the compensation you need, leveraging their experience, understanding of the law, network, and resources to prove your claim.

While most personal injury claims resolve through a negotiated settlement, if the insurance provider fails to offer fair compensation, an attorney can file a legal complaint (lawsuit) in civil court so that a judge or jury can decide liability and compensation.

Protecting the Value of a Brain Injury Claim

A brain injury lawyer from Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers can handle all aspects of a catastrophic injury claim, from valuing the claim and gathering the evidence and documentation needed to prove it to negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit within the standard statute of limitations for personal injury claims in South Carolina, which is three years from the accident, and arguing your case in court.

We can also assist those seeking medical assistance coverage and wage loss through a workers' compensation claim.

However, brain injury claimants and their family members can protect the value of the claim by:

  • Providing all evidence about the accident and medical documentation about the injury to the Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers legal team. This information can help determine the claim's value or even liability for the accident.
  • Journaling about the frequency of medical appointments, the amount of time missed from work, and other day-to-day impacts of the injury. This can help a Murrells Inlet brain injury lawyer communicate the psychological impacts of the injury.
  • Complying with the doctor's treatment plan for the injury, including attending scheduled medical appointments and therapies and taking prescribed medication. 

Because catastrophic injury claims are typically valued more highly than other personal injury claims, there is a greater chance of litigation due to the insurance company's decision to take their chances in court rather than make a settlement offer that is high enough to fully compensate the claim.

Additionally, catastrophic injury claims that settle commonly require a longer period of negotiation. A brain injury claimant must be patient through the claims process as their attorney fights for the compensation they need.

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Brain injuries are one of the most debilitating types of injuries a person can incur, with a high likelihood of causing disabilities that will linger for the duration of the sufferer's life. Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers legal team understands the stress of incurring permanent injuries, including lost earning capacity, high medical expenses, and severe impacts on the sufferer's personality and relationships with others. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer.

We also understand that the last thing a family wants to do during such a distressing time is try to handle an insurance claim, engage in a legal process, or afford the services of an attorney. Our team fights for the right of claimants to receive the maximum amount of compensation available for their claims, and our contingent fee billing method ensures that anyone who needs our services can afford them. We do not get paid until and unless your claim is compensated.

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