Murrells Inlet Wrongful Death Lawyer

You have enough on your plate after losing a loved one. Between funeral arrangements, missed time from work, and other obligations, you probably don't have time to manage an injury case on your own. And with Morris Law, you don't have to.

A Murrells Inlet wrongful death lawyer from our firm can pursue compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit. Financial recovery can account for your loved one's final healthcare expenses, funeral, and other related damages. Take this time to focus on your mental health and spend time with your family, while our law firm works to recover the funds you need.

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Questions You Can Ask During Your Free Case Review

When you connect with Morris Law, you begin a free case review with one of our team members.

During this no-obligation discussion, you can get answers to questions like:

  • What can a Murrells Inlet wrongful death lawyer do for me?
  • How much does it cost to get legal help?
  • What types of damages could I recover?
  • How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

Our team aims to provide peace of mind to you and your family. Morris Law can manage everything your case requires, so you can rest easy.

How Our Lawyers Plan to Manage Your Wrongful Death Case in Murrells Inlet, SC

Our team can pursue a fair outcome for you by:

Investigating Your Loved One's Passing

Before we can pursue damages, we must know who's liable for your loved one's passing.

To identify the at-fault party, we may have to conduct an investigation, which involves gathering:

  • The police report
  • Your loved one's medical records
  • Receipts, invoices, and billing statements that reflect your damages
  • Testimony from any eyewitnesses
  • Expert field consultants, such as accident reconstruction specialists
  • Black box data (if your loved one suffered harm in a collision)
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene

The specific evidence we may use to support your case depends on your situation. For instance, if your loved one suffered harm in a nursing home, we can review surveillance footage from the care facility. If your loved one suffered a fatal collision, we can use traffic camera footage to learn how the accident happened.

Determining Fault and Liability

Many wrongful death claimants get the terms fault and liability confused. The main difference is that the at-fault party caused your loved one's passing. The liable party is who should pay for your losses-and it's generally an insurance company.

When assessing fault for your losses, we'll seek answers to these questions:

  • Did another party owe your loved one a duty of care?
  • Did the other party violate this obligation?
  • Did the other party cause your loved one's passing?
  • Do you have expenses stemming from the wrongful death?

If we can answer yes to all of these questions, then we're one step closer to determining who caused your loved one's death and who should pay for your damages.

Calculating Your Losses

Your damages, including your non-economic damages, come with a price tag. We want to recover everything you need, so you can walk away from the claims process without any financial stress.

We may consider the following factors when determining your case's value:

  • The cause of your loved one's passing
  • The severity of their condition
  • How much you spent out-of-pocket on various services, such as embalming or cremation
  • Your financial losses
  • The effect your loved one's passing had on your family

Managing All Communications

Resolving a wrongful death case requires us to manage communications with multiple parties, such as claims adjusters, expert consultants, and eyewitnesses. As you can imagine, this can quickly get overwhelming. However, our team can take care of all communications related to your case. You don't have to pick up the phone when the claims adjuster calls-you can simply refer them to our team.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Murrells Inlet Wrongful Death Lawyer

The at-fault party may have liability insurance. If so, we could file a claim and seek damages through that route. You wouldn't have to file a lawsuit or appear in court-which, of course, is nothing our team can't handle.

Filing an insurance claim requires us to understand the liable policy, the cost of your damages, and the cause of your loved one's passing. In service of your insurance claim, we must gather evidence, prove negligence, and file your claim with the responsible party.

Pursuing a Civil Lawsuit

Don't feel intimidated if we need to file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek damages. A civil lawsuit isn't like the portrayals you've seen on TV. There are no surprise witnesses, shocking developments, or wild verdicts. It's simply your lawyer requesting compensation in a court of law.

Pursuing a lawsuit requires us to:

  • Take depositions from witnesses
  • Cross-examine the other party's witnesses
  • Exchange evidence with the defendant's legal team
  • File your case within South Carolina's statute of limitations
  • Prove negligence, fault, and liability
  • Present the cost of your damages
  • Combat any allegations of fault or wrongdoing

Morris Law can only imagine the struggles your family is facing after losing a loved one. We want to offer legal support in any way we can-and that includes managing your claim or lawsuit from beginning to end.

You Do Not Have to Pay Any Upfront Fees for Your Wrongful Death Case

Here are two things we want to share up front about partnering with us:

  • We work on a contingency fee basis. Our clients don't pay anything out of pocket for our help. That's because we get paid from a portion of your settlement. You don't pay anything from your savings to get our assistance-no hourly rates, retainers, or other financial obligations.
  • We finance the building of your case. Building a personal injury case isn't cheap. We may have to consult with expert witnesses on certain matters. Court filing costs are another matter. However, you don't have to worry about these financial obligations. Our team pays them for you, so you don't have to.

Morris Law has one focus: recovering compensation for your wrongful death-related expenses. Doing so shouldn't cost you even more money. Instead, your case should reflect the hardships you've endured after losing your loved one.

South Carolina's Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

Wrongful death cases are time-sensitive matters, as you only have a limited time to seek damages through a lawsuit. South Carolina law typically gives you just three years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Your filing period generally starts from the date your loved one passed away.

You must meet this deadline because:

  • Failure to comply could result in your case's dismissal.
  • You want to preserve your right to litigation if an insurance claim doesn't yield adequate compensation.
  • You want to do everything possible to promote your case's success.
  • The insurer could have little incentive to settle if you file your case outside the three-year period.

Once our team learns more about your case, we can preserve your right to legal action by tracking the filing deadline and leaving your financial recovery options open.

We Advocate for Many Wrongful Death Claimants in South Carolina

Our team wants to advocate for you and your family during this challenging time.

In our many years of serving families in South Carolina, we've helped those who lost loved ones to:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • On-the-job accidents
  • Defective or dangerous products
  • Premises liability incidents, such as slips and falls
  • Criminal acts
  • Medical malpractice

Pursuing damages shouldn't consume your life. That's why our team lends a helping hand to grieving families in Murrells Inlet.

Recoverable Damages After a Wrongful Death in South Carolina

Your compensable losses are unique to your situation. They should reflect your out-of-pocket losses, emotional hardships, and future challenges. We aim to resolve your case with the best outcome possible, whether it's through insurance negotiations or a civil lawsuit.

Compensable damages in your case could include:

Final Healthcare Costs

Your loved one may have needed medical care before their passing.

If so, you could receive damages for:

  • Resuscitation
  • Surgeries
  • Medications
  • Hospitalizations
  • Intubations
  • Life support
  • Palliative care
  • Hospic

Lost Income

Financial recovery for lost income includes the wages your loved one would have earned, had they survived their injuries. It also accounts for any income you lost while managing your loved one's affairs.

Funeral Costs

Funerals today can be expensive. You shouldn't have to spare any cost when laying your loved one to rest. We can help you seek financial support to pay for their funeral, burial, memorial, and other related obligations.

Non-Economic Damages

Losing a loved one affects more than your finances. It can present many challenges to your mental health, financial stability, and future. We believe your settlement should reflect your total experience.

Compensable non-economic damages in your case could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental trauma
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of parental guidance and household benefits

You may recover other losses than those listed here. Our attorneys can evaluate your financial losses and the details of your loved one's passing to learn what you need.

What Should I Do After Losing a Loved One in Murrells Inlet?

After losing a loved one, your health and well-being come first. We encourage you to spend time with your family, seek therapy, and focus on your future. In regard to your claim or lawsuit, there are some considerations that could promote its success.

To help bolster your claim, you can:

  • Keep all documentation related to your loved one's passing, such as medical bills and funeral home records
  • Track your out-of-pocket losses
  • Refrain from giving the insurer a recorded statement
  • Limit what you share about your wrongful death case online
  • Refer any possible settlement offers to your attorney
  • Consider all your legal options

At the beginning of our partnership, we can discuss what other measures might strengthen your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Death Cases in South Carolina

Throughout the many years that we've served injured people at Morris Law, we commonly get asked the same questions. We've compiled some of these questions below, so you can get answers to your most pressing concerns.

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Wrongful Death Case?

Each wrongful death case progresses differently. Some resolve in weeks, while others take months to unfold. Morris Law intends to keep your case on track, preventing any delays that hinder its progression. We know that you want compensation as soon as possible, and we aim to deliver financial recovery promptly.

What if the Insurance Company Denies My Wrongful Death Claim?

If the insurance company denies your claim, they must give a written reason why. For instance, they may need more evidence regarding liability. In that case, we can work to present the necessary evidence and establish your right to damages. The insurer may also deny your claim in bad faith in an attempt to protect their bottom line.

Your wrongful death attorney in Murrells Inlet can assess the reason for your claim's denial and act accordingly. We may file a lawsuit against the at-fault party if an insurance claim doesn't yield fair compensation for your losses.

Will the Party Responsible for My Loved One's Passing Go to Jail?

It depends. Law enforcement may arrest the at-fault party if their negligence led to your loved one's passing. For instance, if an intoxicated motorist caused a fatal collision, they could face criminal charges for drunk driving. This criminal case, however, would not result in compensation for your losses.

Criminal cases and civil cases are two separate matters. While the other party's arrest could yield important information for your case, it's not a substitute for seeking financial recovery.

What's the Average Value of a Wrongful Death Case in South Carolina?

Many wrongful death cases resolve through insurance settlements. These settlements are confidential and only known to the policyholder and the insurer. So, there's no public database that discloses the average value of wrongful death cases in the state.

How much you can recover depends on the unique factors of your case. Once our team assesses them, we can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Begin Your Free Case Review With Morris Law Now

Our attorneys want to support you and your family in every way possible. Financial recovery can't undo the pain you're facing. However, it can alleviate your financial stress and account for losses you shouldn't have to pay for.

Our team is ready to explore your legal options today. Reach out to a Murrells Inlet personal injury lawyer. To begin your free case review, contact Morris Law now at (843) 466-4444. There's no obligation to partner with us when you call-just a chance to discuss your options.

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