Traffic Safety in South Carolina

Traffic Safety in South Carolina

Traffic Safety in South Carolina Couple of teens drive on to their vacation.

Ways to Be Safe When Operating a Vehicle in South Carolina

Traffic safety is important whether you are driving in Myrtle Beach or taking the highway on vacation. The problem is not everyone seems to believe this as they whizz by your vehicle on the freeway or drive close to your bumper on an urban street. The result is that many people are dying or suffering serious injuries when they take to the road. 

There are ways to promote traffic safety and ensure that you and your family arrive at your destination without suffering a traumatic injury. Let’s look at the most common ways you can do this.

Don’t Use the Phone

Texting or talking on the phone has rapidly become one of the leading causes of traffic accidents, and doing this puts everyone at risk. The problem is there is no way to multitask when you are driving. Looking for something on the seat next to you, texting, playing with the radio, adjusting the GPS or setting climate controls all distract from driver focus. When this focus is broken, valuable seconds can be lost. It takes five seconds for a vehicle to travel at highway speeds a distance equal to one football field. 

There are three ways to lose focus. One is when the driver’s eyes are off the road. The second is when a driver takes their hands off the wheel to do something else ( texting) or three, thinking about something other than the road. It is easy to see how the act of texting, as an example, embodies all three. 

Don’t Drink and Drive

Drinking before or while driving is dangerous for everyone, including passengers in the vehicle. That said, it is important to refrain from drinking, and if you must, to assign someone to be the designated driver or take an Uber and leave your vehicle at home. Drinking affects cognitive decision-making, vision, dexterity and promotes reckless driving such as speeding. Drunk drivers often veer into adjacent lanes without notice. Turning into oncoming traffic or being too confused to choose the correct lane can lead to a head-on collision and a fatal outcome. 

Watch the Speedometer to Promote Traffic Safety

Speeding is one way to throw traffic safety aside and cause catastrophic accidents. Drivers who speed are unable to control their vehicle in many cases and frequently either leave the road, cause a rollover accident or hit a pedestrian or the car in front of them because they cannot stop in time. In addition, the rate of speed is an integral factor in the intensity of the injuries it causes. For instance, if a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle going 15 mph, minor injuries will frequently result. However, if the vehicle is traveling at 45 mph, the pedestrian will have a higher risk of dying. 

Use Seat Restraints to Avoid Injury

Not only is it necessary for the driver to use a seat belt, it is also critical that passengers do the same. Many people will balk at putting a seat belt on, so it is up to the driver to insist. One way to do this is to refuse to start the vehicle until everyone fastens their seat restraint. 

Watch Out for Other Drivers

Even if you are promoting traffic safety, that does not mean that every driver on the road will do the same. To protect yourself, it is a good idea to stay vigilant for reckless drivers. Keep looking out the rearview and side mirrors for speeding drivers or those that weave in and out of lanes. If another driver is tailgating you, don’t interact with them. Rather, get out of their way. On occasion, some drivers display aggressive behavior, and as you should do with a tailgater, get out of their way if you can.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Well-Maintained

Checking a vehicle to stay safe when driving is important. Check your tire pressure often. Have your mechanic check the brake lining and be vigilant about maintenance. By keeping up, the chances of an accident are reduced.

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