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DUI Accident Related Injuries

Victims of a DUI accident suffer many different types of injuries. They range from minor to severe such as a simple fracture to traumatic brain injury. The problem is drunk drivers display an inordinate number of reckless driving behaviors. For some victims of a DUI accident, the outcome is a fatal one. Nationwide, drunk drivers take the lives of 10,000 people every year. Let’s examine some of the injuries associated with a drunk driving accident.

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Soft Tissue Injuries

Although painful and capable of limiting movement, stretched or torn ligaments, muscles and tendons are common injuries in a DUI accident. Even after the initial phase, soft tissue injuries can inflict chronic pain, making once normal activities impossible. In order to recover, a year’s worth of rehabilitative therapy might be needed.

Injuries to the Extremities

The extremities are frequently injured in a DUI accident. The limbs can be crushed or broken by the force of impact. More severe fractures and crush injuries may require surgical intervention followed by extensive rehabilitation. Amputation can occur during the accident or become necessary afterward, especially with a crush injury to the limbs. 

Spinal Injuries in a DUI Accident

When the spinal cord is injured, the individual stands a good chance of paralysis, both complete or partial. Other injuries include herniated or slipped disks, which can result in lifelong pain. Surgical intervention might help vertebral injuries, however, spinal cord damage is difficult to treat.

Burn Injuries in DUI Accident

In some instances, such as a highway multiple vehicle crash or one where impact is forceful, an explosion might occur or the fuel tank might be harmed. When this happens, painful, disfiguring burn injuries might result. 

The risk of infection in burn injuries is high. To repair disfigurement, cosmetic surgery may be needed. However, insurance rarely covers this type of surgery. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are common in DUI accidents, particularly in head-on collisions. TBIs are often life-altering and require surgical intervention and long-term care. Fatal results are seen in high impact accidents due to brain devastation. 

Depending on the severity of the TBI, some people recover after rehabilitation. A percentage are able to return to work and resume normal daily activities. Others are unable to reach the level of cognition needed for their job but might be able to undergo occupational training for another occupation. Long-term care is necessary for some individuals, either in a medical facility or at home.

Cost of Injuries 

The cost of many injuries associated with a DUI accident is high. This is often due to the type of treatment that is necessary and the aftercare that is needed. Unfortunately, many people do not have the resources to foot the bill on their own. That is where a personal injury lawsuit can help. Your injury lawyer will be able to fashion a strong case against the responsible party and help you recover all damages now and in the future.

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