Traumatic brain injury causes long-term effects on many victims. Symptoms of lost memory, loss of focus, and lost concentration often continue long after the initial incident. Furthermore, you may find yourself on an expensive road to recovery, including many occupational therapy sessions designed to help you learn how to cope with the limitations you find yourself dealing with. Reach out to a Aiken brain injury lawyer.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we understand the challenges you may face as you deal with the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, including the many financial losses you may face. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury in Aiken, SC, contact us for a free case consultation and learn more about your right to compensation.

How Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers Can Handle Your Aiken Brain Injury Claim

Aiken Brain Injury Lawyers

A traumatic brain injury can lead to considerable financial and non-financial losses, many of which can influence every area of your life.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, our team of experienced brain injury lawyers can pursue the compensation you deserve for those injuries. 

Traumatic brain injury victims often have to deal with a number of challenges as they recover. You need someone who will listen to your story and provide comprehensive support as you determine your next steps and how to best navigate the claim process.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, our lawyers offer a high degree of compassion and support to every client. 

Aggressive Representation

Insurance companies often try to limit the compensation they pay out, especially in cases of significant injury like traumatic brain injury, when you may need to ask for substantial compensation for your losses.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we provide aggressive legal representation to all our clients, increasing the odds that they will recover the compensation they really deserve.

When you need to file a personal injury claim after a traumatic brain injury in Aiken, you may worry about affording the cost of legal representation.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we understand the financial challenges that accompany serious injuries, and we believe everyone should have the legal support they deserve. We start with a free case consultation to get a better look at your case and give you an overview of your rights. Then, we accept cases on a contingent fee basis, which means you do not pay until we win.

Did you suffer a brain injury in Aiken? Contact Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers to discuss your claim.

Compensation in Aiken Brain Injury Claims: What You Can Expect

Brain injuries can lead to a number of expenses and a significant reduction in earnings, especially if you have a severe traumatic brain injury and expect the symptoms to linger long after the initial accident.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover for your injuries. However, we can look at the damages you have sustained and assemble a comprehensive claim that includes all of those damages.

Medical Costs

Your medical costs will serve as the foundation of your brain injury claim. Not only do you have the cost of medical scans to worry about, but many patients with brain injuries will also need to spend time in a treatment facility, where they can pursue intensive treatment and receive round-the-clock support as they deal with the effects of a serious brain injury. Furthermore, you may go through considerable occupational therapy to help you learn how to cope with the ongoing limitations of a brain injury. 

Finally, some patients with brain injury may require ongoing in-home care. Some patients suffer from highly increased impulsivity, which can make it difficult for them to stay on their own. If you need a caregiver, include those costs in your brain injury claim.

Lost Income

Depending on the extent of your brain injury, you can end up out of work for months. Brain injuries can cause problems with focus and concentration as well as short-term memory difficulties, which can make it very difficult for you to return to work.

While some employers will work with you to get you back on the job as soon as possible, many will prefer that you remain out of work until you regain your capacity to handle normal work interactions and tasks. Meanwhile, those income losses may pile up. 

Lost Earning Potential

Not only can you miss considerable work immediately after a brain injury, but you may also lose the capacity to work in your preferred field due to ongoing cognitive challenges. Many people find their earning potential significantly reduced. Others may lose the ability to return to work after the accident.

Talk to our lawyers about defining your lost earning potential and including it as part of your claim.

Pain and Suffering

As part of your traumatic brain injury claim, you have the right to include compensation for the non-financial elements of suffering you had to deal with after your accident.

Talk to our lawyers about your challenges following traumatic brain injury. For example, you may recover compensation if you may lose your independence or struggle with changed relationships with loved ones.

A Look at Aiken Brain Injury Claims

If you suffer a brain injury in Aiken, you have up to three years from the accident date to file a brain injury claim, based on the South Carolina statute of limitations. Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to review your rights and ensure you protect your right to compensation. 

Annually, South Carolina sees more than 8,000 emergency room visits for brain injuries. Around 1,400 people die each year due to traumatic brain injury. 

Common Causes of Brain Injury in South Carolina

Brain injuries can occur any time the victim suffers trauma to the head.

Commonly, those injuries result from:

  • Unintentional falls, which account for around 44 percent of brain injuries in South Carolina
  • Motor vehicle accidents (25 percent of brain injuries in South Carolina)
  • Unintentional struck-by events, including falling objects, make up around 9 percent of brain injuries in South Carolina
  • Assault or intentional struck-by events, which make up around 6 percent of brain injury cases

You may have the right to file a brain injury claim when someone else's negligence causes a head injury, including auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and negligent security incidents. 

Symptoms of Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury causes a number of devastating symptoms. 

  • Short-term memory challenges
  • Long-term memory loss
  • Loss of focus and concentration
  • Impulsivity
  • Sleep changes
  • Vision changes
  • Mood disturbances

Some patients with traumatic brain injury will also suffer personality changes, which can greatly affect their relationships with others.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Brain Injury in Aiken

After a brain injury, you may have to seek compensation from the insurance company covering the party that caused your accident. Those interactions can prove incredibly frustrating as insurance agents try to reduce the compensation they have to pay for the accident.

You may receive a very low settlement offer that does not consider all the damages you sustained in the accident, or you may end up dealing with an insurance company that denies liability for the accident altogether. Some insurance companies may even insist that you do not really have the limitations you claim from the accident and that, as a result, you do not deserve fair compensation for your losses.

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we have the resources necessary to take on big-name insurance providers, whether your brain injury occurred in a car accident, a slip and fall, or a negligent security incident. Let our attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Protecting Your Right to Compensation After a Brain Injury

Following a brain injury, not only do you have to think about your physical recovery, you must consider your right to compensation and how you can protect it. 

  • Follow all instructions given by your medical care provider, including avoiding activities that have the potential to cause further head trauma. If you suffer additional head trauma, the insurance company could claim that any continuing limitations result from that event, not the accident. 
  • Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. You need an attorney to protect your legal rights and advocate for you, particularly if you struggle to deal with those interactions yourself due to the impact of that head trauma. 
  • Keep up with all your medical bills. Keep them in one place so you can easily refer back to them later and use them as part of your injury claim. 
  • Keep a journal that lays out all the challenges you face during your recovery so that you can easily display the suffering your accident caused later. 

At Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers, we guide our clients through the entire claim process, including providing comprehensive legal advice that can make each step easier to manage.

Aiken Brain Injury Lawyers FAQ

I Suffered My Brain Injury in a Motorcycle or Bicycle Accident, and I Did Not Have a Helmet. Can I Still File a Claim?

You can file a brain injury claim any time someone else's negligence causes you to sustain serious injuries, including cases in which you may have chosen not to wear a helmet at the time of the incident.

Talk to an experienced brain injury lawyer at Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers to better understand how much compensation you have the right to pursue, including what evidence you may need to show to establish the other party's liability.

Note that South Carolina does not require helmet use for motorcycle riders over 21. However, failure to wear a helmet substantially increases the risk of collision-related brain injury, neck injury, or facial injury. 

Who Has to Pay My Medical Bills After an Aiken Brain Injury?

Whether you pursue treatment at Aiken Medical Center or head to a larger facility that can treat brain injuries, you may have high medical costs that quickly pile up after your accident.

As the injured party and the one receiving treatment, you will need to make arrangements to pay your medical bills. However, you have some options for reducing your financial burden.

First, use your health insurance, if you carry it, to help alleviate some of those costs. You can also talk to the hospital or care provider providing treatment and ask if they have any programs to help reduce costs. Many healthcare organizations have clear policies that can save you money.

Finally, use the funds from a brain injury claim to cover the cost of medical treatment. 

How Long Does It Take To File a Brain Injury Claim in Aiken?

You can expect it to take several months or more to file a brain injury claim in Aiken.

First, your lawyer and the insurance company will need time to evaluate the accident, whether it occurred in a car accident or due to a construction site fall.

Next, your lawyer may recommend that you wait several months to see how much you will likely recover over time.

Traumatic brain injury can prove difficult to predict. While some recover quickly, others may have lingering effects long after the initial event. By waiting until you have a chance to recover further from the accident, you ensure that you can include all your medical bills as part of your claim and that you can notify the insurance company about any long-term disability you sustained because of your accident.

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