Family Law – Separation Process

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A legal separation is often a solution for couples not ready to divorce. For some, a separation means the opportunity to step back, think about their marriage, and figure out a way to get it back on track. Others choose a separation to prepare for a divorce. Regardless of the purpose of the separation, there are three basic steps involved, which are much like the steps in a divorce.

Family Law – Visitation Rights

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Children are an amazing blessing, which makes fighting for custody and visitation rights such a hard and important process. It can also be a scary process. Fortunately, you can battle that fear by learning more about the process and how legal help can lighten the burden.

Workers’ Comp Laws and Filing Process

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Workers’ compensation – often referred to as workers’ comp – is an insurance policy that provides coverage for employees who are injured or contract an illness on the job. It helps cover an employee’s medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses while preventing legal action against the employer.

Auto Accident Statistics in South Carolina

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In 2015, a reported 65,643 collisions occurred on U.S. and South Carolina primary routes, 41,188 crashes on secondary roads, and 12,394 on county roads. SCDPS data from 2015 reveals that driver action, such as driving too fast, following too closely, etc. causes nearly 95% of the crashes in South Carolina. 

Car Accidents in Horry County

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Horry County is the easternmost county in South Carolina, USA. As of 2019, the county has a population of over 350,000 people. Statistically, the state reports the sixth-highest car accidents in the whole country. 

Can Child Custody Be Impacted by Divorce Grounds in South Carolina?

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Under South Carolina child custody laws, judges may consider many factors when deciding custody cases. Absent abuse or other wrongdoing, courts believe that a child benefits from having both parents play an active role in the child’s life. Therefore, courts prefer that the parents work out a custody and visitation schedule that allows the child

Workers Compensation Law Protects You From Being Fired for Filing a Claim

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On-the-job illnesses and injuries are common and occur in all different types of occupations. South Carolina workers’ compensation law protects injured workers. It provides a system for injured employees to receive medical benefits and other benefits while recovering from a work injury.

Car Accident Injury Law in South Carolina – Three Things You Need to Know

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From 2014 through 2018, the number of automobile accidents increased in South Carolina. There were 142,406 traffic collisions reported in South Carolina during 2018, including 969 fatal collisions. In Horry County, there were 10,319 collisions reported in 2018. The Myrtle Beach Police Department and North Myrtle Beach Police Department investigated 2,675 of those collisions.

Workers Compensation FAQs South Carolina Workers Need to Know

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Most employers in South Carolina are required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If a worker sustains an injury on the job, the worker should be covered by workers’ comp. Even though the system is designed to protect injured employees, there are specific workers’ compensation FAQs that all workers in Myrtle Beach need to know.

Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Claims in South Carolina

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Workplace accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and life-threatening conditions. Many workers recover from their on-the-job injuries and return to work. However, some employees sustain permanent impairments and disabilities. It is crucial that injured workers receive all the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

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