Motorcycle Laws in South Carolina

Motorcycle Laws in South Carolina

Motorcycle riding remains a beloved American pastime, with enthusiasts drawn to the freedom of the open road and the unique speed and agility provided by their bikes. For some, it's a preferred mode of transportation due to its economical and environmentally friendly aspects.

Despite ongoing safety and technological improvements, motorcycles inherently carry risks. Unfortunately, even the most cautious riders equipped with top-notch safety gear can find themselves vulnerable to severe or fatal injuries due to the negligence of other drivers on the road.

South Carolina's traffic laws aim to protect all road users, not just those in traditional vehicles. This means they also protect pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. However, far too often, drivers forget how to drive safely around motorcycles and that riders have the same rights and protections as they do. When this happens, the risk of an accident significantly increases.

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a South Carolina motorcycle accident, it's imperative to speak with a well-versed motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Doing so can protect your rights and maximize your compensation.

South Carolina Motorcycle Laws

While motorcyclists are often given a bad rap for driving recklessly or causing accidents, other motorists are frequently the cause or a contributing cause of motorcycle accidents. Many times, this happens because they are either unaware of South Carolina's motorcycle laws or simply choose to ignore them. Some of these laws include:

  • Motorcyclists have rights: Anyone operating a motorcycle has all of the rights and duties applicable to the drivers of motor vehicles. As such, other motorists need to treat motorcyclists just like drivers of other vehicles. This includes actions such as yielding the right of way to them when required by law. 
  • Every motorcyclist is entitled to full use of a traffic lane, and no other motorist shall drive in a way that deprives any motorcyclist of the full use of a lane. 

Drivers often ignore or disobey one or more of many other traffic laws when causing motorcycle accidents, such as laws regarding:

Liability for Motorcycle Accidents

Successfully claiming compensation from another party in a motorcycle accident relies on proving the elements of negligence. If you or your motorcycle accident attorney can't substantiate each element, obtaining fair compensation for your injuries becomes unlikely. The essential elements of negligence include:

Car and motorcycle collision on wet asphalt. First aid, police, and insurance agent on the scene. Accident aftermath.
  • Duty of Care: Other drivers owe you a duty of care to act with the degree of care that would ordinarily be used by a reasonable person.
  • Breach of Duty: The other driver breached their duty of care
  • Causation: A direct link between the breach of duty and your injuries existed, affirming their actions resulted in the motorcycle accident.
  • Verifiable Damages: Tangible damages like medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income resulting from the accident.

For individuals without a legal background, independently established these elements, especially during the recovery period, can be overwhelming and nearly impossible. For this reason, many injured motorcyclists turn to the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to increase the likelihood of a fair and comprehensive recovery.

While motorcycle accidents typically involve the motorcyclist, motor vehicle driver, or bicyclist, there are instances where other parties may be liability for the incident that involve breaking other laws:

Property Owners

Premises liability laws mandate property owners to keep their premises free from hazards. Suppose a motorcyclist sustains injuries due to a hazardous condition on someone's property, like a large pothole. In that case, the property owner may be deemed liable. Other issues that can be caused by property owners include overgrown vegetation, inadequate signage in parking lots, and accumulations of snow or ice.


Product liability laws dictate that manufacturers prevent defective products from entering the market. If a motorcyclist is involved in a crash due to a faulty product, such as a fractured frame, the manufacturer may be held accountable.

Ways Other Motorists Create Risks for Bikers

Motorcyclists face distinct challenges on the road, given their smaller size, the absence of protective barriers, and the negligence of other drivers. Motorists, conditioned to notice larger vehicles, may carelessly pose risks to motorcyclists who lack safety features like seatbelts and airbags.

Whether they realize it or not, some drivers engage in actions that endanger motorcyclists. These potentially dangerous behaviors include:

  • Neglecting to Check Blind Spots: Motorcycles, being smaller than most other vehicles on the road, are often harder to spot, particularly in blind spots. Drivers who fail to check these areas adequately increase the risk of collisions.
  • Tailgating: While tailgating is dangerous for any vehicle, it poses an elevated risk to motorcyclists who lack the protective bulk of larger vehicles. Following motorcycles too closely deprives motorcyclists of needed space to react to sudden changes in traffic conditions.
  • Left-Turning Accidents: Drivers frequently fail to notice approaching motorcycles when making left turns at intersections, leading to severe T-bone collisions.
  • Distracted Driving: Distractions like texting, phone calls, or eating divert a driver's attention from the road, increasing the likelihood of overlooking or inadequately reacting to motorcyclists.
  • Sudden Lane Changes: Sudden lane changes without signaling pose a significant risk to motorcyclists in adjacent lanes. The smaller size of motorcycles makes them more susceptible to being overlooked during abrupt maneuvers.
  • Failure to Yield: Many motorcycle accidents happen when motorists neglect to yield the right of way, whether at intersections or during merging situations.
  • Opening Car Doors: Carelessly opening car doors without first checking for any approaching motorcyclists can lead to severe accidents, a situation known as "dooring."
  • Speeding: Exceeding speed limits reduces a motorist's reaction time and ability to avoid potential collisions, putting motorcyclists at risk.
  • Misjudging Motorcycle Speed: Some drivers may underestimate a biker’s speed, leading to misjudgments when turning or pulling onto the road.
  • Inadequate Use of Turn Signals: Neglecting to use turn signals or misusing them can confuse bikers regarding a driver's intentions, potentially causing dangerous situations.

Causes of South Carolina Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents stem from various factors, including the following:

  • Weather Conditions: Diverse seasons pose challenges, especially during winters with cold temperatures, ice, snow, sleet, hail, and fog. These conditions reduce visibility and increase road hazards.
  • Driving While Intoxicated: Despite warnings, some drivers still operate under the influence, increasing the risk for motorcyclists. This avoidable behavior results in numerous injuries and fatalities annually.
  • Road Conditions and Design: Aging roads, initially designed for horses and carriages, coupled with structural deficiencies, pose risks. Even newer roads may have design flaws, potentially leading to accidents. Consultation with an experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident attorney is vital for successful claims involving government responsibility.
  • Defective Vehicles: Motorcycle accidents may result from defects in the motorcycle or other vehicles. Manufacturers can be held accountable for collisions caused by such defects.
  • High Traffic: Significant suburban populations contribute to congested highways during rush hours, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Understanding the accident's causes is crucial to determining liability. 

What Makes Motorcycles So Dangerous?

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous for various reasons. Key factors contributing to the heightened danger associated with motorcycles include:

  • Lack of Protection: Unlike enclosed cars with metal frames, airbags, and seatbelts, motorcycles lack these protective features. This leaves riders more exposed, increasing vulnerability to severe injuries in the event of a fall or collision.
  • Size and Visibility: Motorcycles, being significantly smaller than other vehicles, pose visibility challenges for drivers. This size discrepancy can result in drivers failing to notice motorcycles, particularly in blind spots, elevating the risk of accidents.
  • Road Hazards: Motorcycles are more susceptible to road hazards like potholes, debris, oil spills, and other uneven surfaces. These hazards may cause a loss of control and accidents, particularly when riding at higher speeds.
  • Weather Conditions: Poor weather, including rain, snow, or strong winds, significantly impacts motorcycle stability and traction. This makes riders more prone to accidents, emphasizing the need for extra caution from other drivers in challenging weather conditions.
  • Lack of Crashworthiness: Unlike cars designed with crumple zones to absorb impact during a crash, motorcycles lack this feature. Consequently, motorcyclists face a higher risk of direct impact during collisions.

South Carolina Statute of Limitations

One law that injured motorcyclists in South Carolina should be aware of is the statute of limitations. Under this law, injured motorcyclists have three years from the date of their injury to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages for their losses. If they or an attorney on their behalf don't file a lawsuit within this legal deadline, they lose their right to seek compensation. While three years might seem like a long time, your attorney will need time to investigate, prepare, and attempt to settle your claim before pursuing a potential lawsuit. The sooner you can hire a qualified South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer, the better.

You should also be aware that there are some circumstances that cant extend or shorten this timeframe, such as if your claim involves injuries to a minor child or is against a government agency. This makes consulting with an attorney as soon as possible of utmost importance.

Two Important Actions to Take After Being Involved in a South Carolina Motorcycle Accident

First, seek medical attention right away. Believe it or not, it's crucial for your well-being, even if you don't notice any symptoms of injury or think your injuries are minor. Motorcycle accidents can lead to delayed symptoms, hidden injuries, and potentially life-threatening conditions that may not be obvious right after the accident. Here are several convincing reasons why seeking medical care after a motorcycle accident is essential:

Damaged bike after road accident
  • Hidden Injuries: Not all injuries are instantly apparent. Internal injuries, such as organ damage, internal bleeding, or concussions, may not reveal symptoms immediately. A medical professional can perform thorough exams, including imaging tests, to identify hidden injuries requiring fast treatment.
  • Delayed Symptoms: Some injuries may have delayed onset symptoms. Whiplash, soft tissue injuries, or spinal injuries may take hours or even days to show noticeable discomfort. By seeking medical attention, healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat these conditions before they get any worse.
  • Preventing Complications: Fast medical treatment can help prevent injury complications. Prompt treatment may reduce the impact of injuries and decrease the chances of long-term or permanent damage.
  • Legal Documentation: If you want to seek compensation for your injuries, having a medical record detailing your injuries and their connection to the accident is a must. A medical report can help strengthen your claim as it provides objective evidence of your injuries.
  • Preventing Long-Term Consequences: Timely medical care can prevent injuries from getting worse and resulting in chronic issues. Early medical intervention can lead to improved outcomes and a quicker recovery.
  • Psychological Well-Being: Motorcycle accidents can be traumatic experiences that may lead to emotional distress or post-traumatic stress. Seeking medical care can connect you with resources to address any psychological impacts of the motorcycle crash.

Remember that shock, adrenaline, and stress can all hide pain and other injury symptoms right after a motorcycle accident. It's always best to get medical attention, as delaying treatment can lead to further complications and hinder recovery. No matter the severity of the accident, prioritizing your health by seeking medical care as soon as possible is a responsible and wise decision.

Next, get legal help. When you hire an experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident attorney, they can:

Jeff Morris, Personal Injury Lawyer
Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Jeff Morris
  • Explain your legal rights and options under South Carolina laws
  • Help you receive the medical care you need and deserve
  • Investigate your accident to identify how it occurred and what parties can be held liable
  • Gather and protect valuable evidence to support your claim
  • Research applicable insurance policies
  • File insurance claims on your behalf
  • Negotiate a full and fair settlement with the at-fault party or their insurance company
  • Take your claim to court if it becomes necessary

If you recently suffered injuries in a South Carolina motorcycle accident, get medical attention and seek help from an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. Your lawyer will handle every step of the legal personal injury process, ensuring that you receive maximum compensation for your damages.

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