Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries – Morris Law Firm – Myrtle Beach

Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries – Morris Law Firm – Myrtle Beach

Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries – Morris Law Firm – Myrtle Beach Doctor explains patient about back injury suffered in a car accident.

Physical injuries in an Auto Accident

Despite campaigns to improve roadway safety that helps drivers navigate the roads unharmed, auto accident numbers continue to increase. Nationwide, more than 36,000 fatalities occur every year with roughly 4.5 million serious injuries, according to the National Safety Council. Let’s delve into the types of accidents and injuries that result from auto crashes. Our Myrtle Beach car accident lawyers will also take a look at the way to determine liability.

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Auto Accident Injuries Range From Major to Minor

There are many different types of auto accident injuries ranging from lacerations to head trauma. They are a major reason for emergency room visits. Minor injuries heal quickly, but major ones can require medical and surgical intervention and result in future disability. Some injuries have delayed symptoms, and the individual is not cognizant of them for days. This may cause a delay in terms of treatment. That is why it is best to be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible after an auto accident. 

Types of Injuries

There are two main types of injuries: Penetrating and impact. Penetrating injuries can be caused by loose objects such as a glass shard and lead to lacerations or a penetrating head injury. Impact injuries are those where a part of the body impacts the inside of the vehicle. An example would be when the ribs impact the steering wheel before the airbag deploys.

Auto Accident Injuries

The most frequent car accident injuries are:

  • Spinal cord injury: This injury can be life-changing although it depends on the potion of the spine that the accident involves. For instance, a blow to the lower spine may result in paralysis or weakness in the areas of the body innervated by those spinal nerves. However, the higher the area of the spinal cord that is damaged, such as the cervical area (neck), the more likely the person will not be able to breathe without assistance or walk on their own. 
  • Head injury: This type of injury represents one of the most catastrophic injuries a person can suffer. Blunt trauma to the head can cause bleeding on the surface or within the brain. In most cases, surgical intervention is used to relieve the pressure on the brain from the accumulated blood. Other head injuries such as a concussion can cause memory dysfunction. 
  • Neck injury: The most common neck injury caused by a car accident concerns the rapid back and forth, the whip-like motion of the cervical muscles. This cervical sprain is often referred to as whiplash. 
  • Abdominal and chest trauma: This type of injury occurs from blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen most commonly from impact with the steering wheel or vehicular restraints. The lungs, ribs, heart, and abdominal organs are at risk of serious damage. Usually, surgery is needed. 
  • Back injury: Trauma to the bony structure of the back, called vertebrae, can result in herniated discs or fractures.
  • Fractures: This can involve any bone and may vary from a simple fracture to more complicated ones.
  • Pelvic and femur fractures: These are both complicated fractures, which need extensive surgery.

Establishing Liability

To determine liability, the evidence must show that one of the drivers was at fault for the accident. Our lawyers do this by examining the auto accident scene, obtaining surveillance camera footage, talking with witnesses, and using accident reconstruction. 

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