What Are the Typical Nursing Home Abuse Claims

What Are the Typical Nursing Home Abuse Claims elderly woman with her face in her hands experiencing emotional discomfort

Common Claims of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are intended as places where elderly people can feel secure. They are a respite from the fears people have of getting old, loneliness, lack of care and the inability to fend for themselves the way they once did. Some nursing homes provide just that, while others don’t come close. 

It is difficult to understand what happens unless you are a nursing home resident. To accomplish this, let’s look at the typical nursing home complaints.

Physical Abuse in a Nursing Home

Physical abuse happens all too frequently. It is defined as an intentional, negligent or reckless act that inflicts pain. It ranges from striking an elderly resident to pushing them or tying them down in bed when they don’t need to be.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse happens frequently in nursing homes nationwide. Those who inflict this type of abuse using both non-verbal and verbal methods. The resident may seem withdrawn, depressed or anxious. It can take the form of any of the following:

  • Intimidation: Showing the resident they have no control over their life
  • Insults: Telling a resident how pitiful they have become
  • Humiliation: Making fun of the resident in front of others
  • Verbal assaults: Screaming at a resident for making a mistake or not remembering what they should do
  • Threats: Caregivers might threaten the person with loss of family time or physical abuse
  • Harassment: Not providing a resident with food, adequate hydration, bathroom time or other hygiene practices
  • Isolation: Convincing the resident that no one cares about them

Sexual Abuse Claims

This encompasses unwanted sexual advances, physical touch or making a resident look at sexually-oriented movies or pictures. It also includes sexual contact. By doing this, the caregiver is putting the nursing home resident in an uncomfortable position at a minimum or committing a complete invasion of their privacy. Sexual abuse is not only libelous, but it can also have criminal intent in South Carolina

Abandonment in a Nursing Home

Abandoning a resident can lead to both physical and psychological harm. Because many of the residents are unable to care for themselves, leaving them alone in their room or on the grounds of the facility can have serious repercussions or lead to death. 

Neglect in an Elder Care Facility

Neglect can be a form of abuse. Some areas where neglect occurs are listed below:

  • Not giving the resident adequate food and hydration or providing necessary hygiene measures
  • Not giving residents medication properly and helping them take them
  • Failure to reposition the resident to avoid worsening of bedsores

Financial Abuse in a Nursing Home

Financial abuse has many faces. It can involve taking property or money from an elderly individual. For instance, a caregiver might use the nursing home resident’s credit card or coerce them into signing a check. 

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