Safe Parking at a Commercial Business in Myrtle Beach

Security camera hovers underground parking lot.

Preventing Harm in a Parking Lot

Business owners must make an effort to provide safe parking for their customers. Some do this by providing a well-lit parking lot or a parking garage. Either way, the owner is obligated to take steps to make sure that no harm comes to the public who use their commercial business. Preventing assaults is a prime responsibility of the business owners, and failing to do that can trigger a personal injury civil lawsuit

What Is Meant by Negligent Security

Negligent security exists when a property owner fails to correct or prevent circumstances that might lead to an assault, robbery or other trauma to a customer. Some examples of negligent security are:

  • Not ensuring that the parking facility is well lit and maintaining it diligently by eliminating dark areas that would give the perpetrator cover
  • Not making sure that alarm systems or video surveillance cameras are in working order
  • Not taking extra precautions after a security event occurs
  • Not making an effort to warn customers of adverse security issues
  • Not responding to threats or situations promptly

Foreseeable Problems That Affect Safe Parking

Foreseeability indicates the recognition that a situation might occur. In terms of safe parking, that means checking to see the incidence of crime in an area. For instance, it is incumbent on the owner to check for recent crimes of a similar nature. If present, the owner should take additional precautions.  If a property owner does not factor this in, the chance of negligence is higher.

How Negligence Can Be Proven

The following steps are used to prove negligence:

  • Proof of duty of care: It must be proven that the owner of the garage owed an injured customer a safe place to park. To establish safe parking, the owner must take steps to ensure that the area is reasonably safe such as proper lighting, video surveillance equipment and other steps. 
  • Breaching this duty: The next step to establish negligence shows that the owner reneged in their duty to provide safe parking. 
  • The breach caused harm to the injured customer: Here, your personal injury lawyer will show that the customer was injured because necessary steps to provide safe parking were not taken. Had they been taken, it is reasonable to believe that the customer would not have been injured. 
  • The absence of adequate security is responsible for the assault: This step points out that the lack of security measures made the attack against the injured customer more likely and caused their injury. 

The Claim Must Show the Plaintiff Was Injured

Without proof of injury, the claim is useless and cannot be established. You must prove that you had physical harm. This can be done through the use of medical records and testimony by medical experts. An attorney will help by reviewing the medical records and presenting the injuries clearly and show they resulted from the assault.

Morris Law Firm in Myrtle Beach

Morris Law is available to prove that your injuries were caused by a negligent owner if you were injured by an assault in a parking garage or lot. You are entitled to receive compensation from the perpetrator and the owner who did not provide parking safety.

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