Significant Weight Loss in Nursing Home Patients

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Nursing Home Patients With Significant Weight Loss

Significant weight loss in a nursing home patient is always of concern. Although it may mean the patient has problems with their medication or an undiagnosed illness, it may also mean they are being abused or neglected. These red flag warnings must be examined quickly to ensure the patient is receiving appropriate care, and a physician should be notified immediately to examine them. 

Some Weight Loss is Due to a Medical Condition

In addition to developing medical conditions, the patient may add to existing ones as a result of the weight loss, depending on the reason. To maintain an ideal weight, nursing home caregivers must monitor residents' weights and adjust their meal plans if the patient is not getting enough calories and nutrition to maintain their health. While losing pounds is a natural part of aging, sudden or consistent weight loss may indicate a more serious condition or potential problem that should be quickly addressed.

Regular Family Visits Are Important to Ensure Good Care

While many nursing homes do a good job of caring for the elderly, this isn’t always the case, so family monitoring can help. When observing your loved one’s emotional state and physical appearance that seems to deteriorate and includes weight loss and withdrawal, it can be a warning sign that something is wrong.

What Is the Standard for Significant Weight Loss?

Proper nutrition is important in maintaining a nursing home patient’s weight and health. When this does not occur, it places the patient at risk for infections, bed sores, hip fracture and other life-threatening problems. Significant weight loss is considered to be the following, according to the National Library of Medicine:

  • The patient has lost 5 percent of their weight in a one-month period.
  • The patient’s weight has dropped 7.5 percent during a three-month period.
  • In a six-month period, the patient’s weight dropped by 10 percent.

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse

We don't want to live in a nursing home with abuse or see family members suffering from it. Nursing homes are supposed to provide a safe haven for the elderly in a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous. There is a problem with this because, in some nursing homes, the opposite can happen, which not only endangers our loved ones but violates State laws. When this happens and you or your loved one are abused, you need the help an injury lawyer can provide to protect your rights to a safe, healthy environment.

When a family member suffers abuse in a nursing home, contact the Morris Law Accident Injury Lawyers. You can reach us by phone at (843) 232-0944, or you can contact us online. The rights of your loved ones are at stake in this situation, and we will do everything we can to protect them.


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