When a Tourist Causes Your Car Accident in Myrtle Beach

When a Tourist Causes Your Car Accident in Myrtle Beach

The beloved tourist destination of Myrtle Beach, a city and resort area on South Carolina's Atlantic coast, attracts millions of visitors annually. With this influx of tourists, however, comes an increase in car accidents. Unfamiliarity with local roads and distracted driving often contribute to these unfortunate incidents.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it's important to seek assistance from a Myrtle Beach car accident lawyer.

The following comprehensive guide delves into the complexities of tourist-related car accidents in Myrtle Beach, including the contributing circumstances, what to do after this predicament, and how local South Carolina laws apply.

Whether you were in an accident or want to prepare for the eventuality, this knowledge could ensure you receive adequate compensation for any damages and losses arising from a tourist car accident.

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Understanding Myrtle Beach as a Tourist Destination

Myrtle Beach’s popularity with tourists sits at the root of the problem. Famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, blue waters, and vibrant nightlife, Myrtle Beach attracts over 14 million tourists annually.

When a Tourist Causes Your Car Accident in Myrtle Beach

With its 60-mile coastline, celebrity-designed golf courses, and engaging boardwalk with restaurants, arcades, and souvenir stands, Myrtle Beach is a tourist hot spot, particularly during the summer.

The attractions benefit people of all ages and from all walks of life. The city's vast array of recreational activities, family friendly attractions, and exciting events make it a go-to destination for families, students on spring break, and retired travelers alike.

The Influx of Tourists During Peak Season and Its Influence on Traffic

Peak tourist season in Myrtle Beach typically falls between June and August. During this time, the area's population can nearly triple in size, leading to increased road traffic, not to mention more pedestrians and cyclists.

Traffic congestion and an increase in unfamiliar drivers navigating the area elevate the risk of vehicular accidents. As a resident, these seasonal changes create additional risks to your safety.

When tourists arrive in Myrtle Beach, they may not know the layout of the city, its unique driving norms, or the specific traffic laws. These factors can make for a challenging driving environment for any out-of-towner, and the added excitement and distraction of being a tourist can contribute to car accidents.

Common Reasons Why Tourists Cause Accidents

Most tourist-related car accidents in Myrtle Beach are due to common causes. The first is simply a lack of familiarity with the city's roads and unique driving conditions. A tourist unfamiliar with the area, for instance, may inadvertently make a wrong turn, fail to yield the right of way, or miss a traffic sign.

Distracted driving is the second major cause. Tourists try to take in the sights while navigating an unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming environment. Whether adjusting their GPS, looking at tourist attractions, or dealing with kids in the back seat, they often multitask while driving, leading to accidents.

Another reason why tourists increase the number of car accidents is that they often come to have a good time, which can mean increased substance consumption. Impaired drivers and pedestrians increase the likelihood of accidents. 

The influx of tourists has wide-ranging consequences affecting road safety. Locals should heed these statistics and remain vigilant when the summer tourist season starts.

When you understand the common causes of car accidents and know the heightened risk during peak tourist season, you can take care when navigating the road, reducing the likelihood of becoming a victim in a tourist-related car accident.

What To Do Immediately After a Car Accident With a Tourist

An accident is disorienting, particularly when the other driver is a tourist. Visitors to the area may not know local procedures or speak the same language, making an already challenging situation even more complex. Knowing what to do immediately after such an event can reduce stress and uncertainty.

Steps to Take Immediately After the Accident

Following an accident, safety should be your first concern. Check for injuries and get yourself to safety. Request medical assistance if anyone suffered harm. Once you've established everyone's immediate safety, call the police. They will manage the accident scene and create an accident report, which will serve as important documentation for future legal or insurance claims.

If it's safe, move your vehicle out of the way to reduce the risk of additional accidents before exchanging contact and insurance information with the tourist. Document the accident by taking photos of the scene, including the weather conditions, license plates, vehicle or property damage, and any relevant signs or markings. Ask the police for assistance if necessary.

Importance of Gathering Evidence and Information

Gather as much information as possible immediately after an accident:

  • The tourist's full name.
  • Passport or identification information.
  • Rental car details.
  • Insurance information.
  • Contact information of any witnesses.

Taking pictures of these documents can gather accurate information.

This documented evidence could be critical in establishing fault, identifying the extent of the damages, and supporting your insurance claim or potential lawsuit. In a stressful situation, it's easy to overlook seemingly minor details, but they may be significant when it comes to resolving your case.

When the at-fault party is a tourist, gathering sufficient and comprehensive evidence becomes even more critical, as they might leave town soon after the incident. Collecting accurate contact and identification information can strengthen your claim and improve your chances of a successful outcome.

Knowing what to do immediately after a car accident allows you to protect yourself, your rights, and your potential for compensation. We can't always avoid accidents, but we can control how we prepare for and respond to them when they happen.

Understanding South Carolina Car Accident Laws

After a car accident with a tourist in Myrtle Beach, a lawyer can explain South Carolina's car accident laws, your rights, and your best course of action.

South Carolina's Fault-Based Car Insurance System

South Carolina is a fault state, so after a car accident, the party causing the accident must pay for any resulting harm, including personal injury and property damage. In such scenarios, the victim may file a claim with their or the at-fault driver's insurer or go to court to seek damages.

Laws That May Apply to Accidents Involving Tourists

While South Carolina car accident laws essentially apply regardless of the driver's residence, some details might be particularly relevant when dealing with tourist-related accidents.

South Carolina's modified comparative fault rule reduces the amount of recoverable damages if the victim is partly responsible for the accident. South Carolina applies a three-year statute of limitations, giving you three years from the accident date to file a claim before you lose your right to compensation.

Knowledge is power, and understanding South Carolina's car accident laws can empower you, determine your route to justice, and protect your rights and interests following an incident involving a tourist.

The stressful aftermath of an accident and unfamiliar legal processes calls for a skilled car accident lawyer.

Filing a Car Accident Claim Against a Tourist

A car accident with a tourist adds an extra layer of complexity when claiming damages. It may involve different (maybe even out-of-state) insurance companies, jurisdiction issues, and the added challenge that the at-fault party may soon go far away or even overseas. Knowing how to navigate this situation can enable you to recover the compensation you deserve.

How to File a Claim

The first step in filing a claim is to report the accident to your insurance company, even if you intend to file a claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company. Then provide a lawyer with all the relevant evidence and documentation you've collected and have them file a claim with the tourist's insurance provider.

Complications may occur if the tourist rented a vehicle. You might need to file the claim with the rental company's insurance provider, depending on the coverage the tourist opted for. To navigate such complexities, hire legal representation to understand the best way forward.

Potential Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Filing a car accident claim against a tourist following a car accident comes with its challenges. The tourist may have already left the area or even the country, making communication and negotiation more complex. They may also dispute the claim, especially if discrepancies appear in your accounts of the incident.

To deal with these challenges, ensure that you organize all documentation and evidence from the accident. This includes the tourist's contact and insurance information, accident scene photographs, police reports, and medical records. Witness statements can validate your claim.

Working With a Car Accident Lawyer

In cases involving tourist-related car accidents, professional legal representation can make a significant difference. An experienced car accident lawyer can navigate the intricacies of your situation and the laws of South Carolina to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

A skilled car accident lawyer understands the complexities of tourist-related accidents and can navigate the process, ensuring you make informed decisions at each step. They can negotiate with insurance companies, identify, collect, and present necessary evidence, and represent you in court proceedings.

How a Lawyer Can Handle Cases Involving Tourists

In cases involving tourists, a lawyer can deal with any unforeseen challenges. They can track down parties if they've left the area, deal with out-of-state or international insurance companies, or negotiate with rental car agencies. They can also gather and preserve crucial evidence, especially if the tourist disputes your claim.

Hiring a lawyer can alleviate much of the stress and uncertainty of dealing with a car accident claim against a tourist. By understanding your rights, the laws of South Carolina, and the steps to take after an accident, you will be in a better position to navigate the situation and fight for fair compensation for any damage or injuries you've suffered.

How to Move Forward After a Myrtle Beach Car Accident

Jeff Morris, Car Accident Lawyer in Myrtle Beach
Jeff Morris, Myrtle Beach Car Accident Attorney

Living in a tourist hot spot, such as Myrtle Beach, brings unique challenges, especially concerning car accidents. The city's hospitality draws millions of tourists annually, but this influx of people unfamiliar with the roads can lead to accidents. Prepare to take prompt action after tourist-related car accidents. Remember that a legal professional can handle these complex situations.

A Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer will explain your rights, the legal process, and the potential issues related to tourist accidents. Seek a legal professional to handle your tourist-related car accident case in Myrtle Beach today.


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