Wrongful Death FAQ’s

People constantly ask and anxiously want to know. Well, we’ve answered a few FAQs about wrongful death action suits. Check them out below. 

Question 1: What is a wrongful death action?

Wrongful death actions are action lawsuits that are filed on behalf of the deceased. This can be filed by relatives and next of kin. Since the law recognizes that relatives of the deceased have been deprived from seeing their loved one ever again, wrongful death actions allow them to recover from such trauma with the income of the deceased.

Question 2: What are the most common causes of wrongful death?

There are a few causes of wrongful death. The following would include:

  • Medical error or negligence from narcotics, irresponsible caretaking or defective medical devices 
  • Death that occurs at work 
  • Death from violent acts or defective products
  • Car accidents 

Question 3: Who pays in a wrongful death suit?

When it comes to a wrongful death lawsuit, normally the insurance company of a person who is at fault reimburses the other affected party. Furthermore,  this policy can also work for medical malpractices in which the insurance providers of doctors and hospitals will pay back the damages done to a patient.    

Questions 4: What is a survival action?

Survival action is doesn’t actually mean that you’re surviving on your own, but rather filing an action lawsuit that can assist bereaved families with compensation of finanical of our final projects. 

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