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How to Report Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina

Each year, the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program receives roughly 8,000 complaints on behalf of those in long-term care facilities in the state. These come from the 2,039 facilities providing long-term care in South Carolina. These facilities include nursing homes, community assisted care and assisted living places where residents are cared for in South Carolina. Together, all facilities provide provisions for 43,678 beds.

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics – Seeing the Problem

Nursing home abuse is a problem in the United States that is not easily understood. It affects a considerable, vulnerable portion of the population who are living in facilities that are supposed to protect them. Focusing on the enormity of the problem by looking at nursing home abuse statistics may help administrators, government agencies and families weed out the perpetrators of abuse.

Staircase Dangers – How to Spot Problems

Slips and falls on a staircase happen every day and are a leading cause of emergency room visits. Some falls are due to shoddy upkeep or poor lighting. Others are due to a wet or slippery surface. Whatever the reason, the consequences can be monumental, especially for older adults. Let’s examine the nature of these potentially devastating calamities and the injuries that result. We’ll also provide some tips about how to prevent them from happening.

Speeding in South Carolina

Speeding is a common reason for traffic accidents and fatalities. In fact, in 2019, speeding caused 9,478 motor vehicle accident fatalities nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In today’s world, multiple jobs, children and home life all make time a precious commodity. So, for some, that means acting recklessly on the road. The problem is this can lead to a tragic outcome for the speeder and others. Let’s examine what happens when rushing takes to the road.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

When a loved one is residing in an assisted care facility, it is crucial that friends and family members are not lulled into believing that nursing home abuse could never happen. Like other forms of abuse, it is often hidden behind smiles and pretensions of caring. Nursing home abuse happens when no one is around and done in a way that is far from obvious.

What Is Strict Liability in a Product Liability Lawsuit?

As consumers in South Carolina, it is important to understand how strict liability affects a defective product claim. For the most part, people in the state are dependent on manufacturers to produce safe products and provide adequate warning if a danger exists. Many manufacturers adhere to this obligation. However, in some cases, this obligation is overlooked, and consumers are hurt or killed, many of them children.

Damages in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawsuits are those filed against a negligent party for damages in an accident. The injuries are a direct result of negligence, and the at-fault party or their insurer is responsible for them. The damages are clearly defined by the State of South Carolina. There are different types of damages, and that is what we are about to examine.

Safe Parking at a Commercial Business in Myrtle Beach

Business owners must make an effort to provide safe parking for their customers. Some do this by providing a well-lit parking lot or a parking garage. Either way, the owner is obligated to take steps to make sure that no harm comes to the public who use their commercial business. Preventing assaults is a prime responsibility of the business owners, and failing to do that can trigger a personal injury civil lawsuit.

Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina

Elderly people enter nursing homes to stay safe because they can no longer care for themselves and need help. While in many cases they receive professional care, it is not always true. Some nursing homes do not keep loved ones from being injured or provide inadequate or shoddy care, betraying them and their families.

Dealing With Back Injuries After an Accident

Whether you are hurt in a car accident, a slip and fall at the grocery store or assaulted in a parking lot, back injuries can result in serious trauma. Some are disabling and others resolve with rest and analgesics. Most are in the middle and can cause persistent back problems for many years. Back injuries need to be verified by a medical professional, and evidence must support that the accident was due to negligence. Let’s look at the way back injuries occur, their impact and how to obtain the compensation you deserve.