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When you are choosing a personal injury lawyer, you may feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. In the United States, there are roughly 60,000 personal injury law firms to choose from with a minimum of one million lawyers. After an accident, you may just choose the first recommendation you receive. While that works for some, it does not for others. There are ways to decide that make the process easier with a better result.

Lee Willard Passes the Georgia Bar Morris Law LLC

The lawyers and staff at Morris Law, LLC extend our heartiest congratulations to our co-worker Danny Lee Willard, Jr., who recently passed the Georgia bar. Lee’s drive, combined with his legal acumen, compassion, and tenacity combine to offer our clients excellent representation for all of their personal injury needs. He is a valuable member of the Morris Law, LLC, team, and we know that our clients are well-represented when Lee is handling their cases.

Neglect in a Nursing Home

A lawsuit can be filed against a nursing home if staff members did not meet the standard of care that should be afforded to residents and their negligence caused harm. This remedy will not make the fear and discomfort the residents experienced go away, but it will bring justice to the system.

Morris Law Obtains Full Compensation for Client

Morris Law, LLC successfully handled a case that paid out full compensation of $175,000 to an injured client at the policy limits for both property damage and bodily injury. The accident involved a resident of Myrtle Beach and happened along Highway 707 close to Murrells Inlet in South Carolina. The client was riding as a passenger in a vehicle going west along Highway 707 when it was struck in the back by another driver.

What Does MMI Mean in the Context of Workers’ Compensation?

Medical terms used under workers’ comp can be confusing, and one of these is MMI. This medical abbreviation stands for maximum medical improvement. It is an important term because it is one of the most hotly contested features of a workers’ compensation claim. Being accorded this status means the injured person may face unpaid medical problems associated with their accident in the future.

Who Will Pay for the Hospital Bills if I Have a Slip and Fall?

A question often asked in South Carolina is who is going to pay my hospital bills if I’m injured in a slip and fall accident. The answer is that it depends on whether negligence was involved, the circumstance of the accident and where it happened. In most, but not all injury accidents, the injured party has three years to file a claim in South Carolina. In the following, we will explain the different areas of liability and why it is a good idea to enlist the help of a South Carolina personal injury attorney to handle your claim. 

Car Accident Settlement in Case Involving Pregnant Woman

Morris Law, LLC recently obtained a settlement for a client in the amount of $321,857.56 following an injury accident. The client, a resident of Myrtle Beach, was heading north along Oak Street in town when another driver was turning left illegally. As a result, our client T-boned the other driver’s car. Because the at-fault driver committed an illegal maneuver that caused the car accident and did not grant the right of way to our client, they became liable for damages.

FAQs About Brain Injuries Caused by a Drunk Driver

Drunk drivers take approximately 10,000 lives every year in the United States. In addition, they cause serious injuries, many of which are life-altering. While any injury from a rear-ender to a head-on collision can occur because the inebriated driver was unable to judge their distance from another vehicle properly or because they were unable to stay in their lane and hit another vehicle head-on, their ability to drive safely is no longer present.