Workers Compensation

Professional Cleaners and Occupational Illnesses in Workers’ Comp

When we think of workers’ compensation, most people envision a serious accident on the job that causes significant injury, not an occupational illness. Although catastrophic accidents are given a great deal of fanfare, there are other things that can bring a worker down, depending on the type of work that is done. For professional cleaners, occupational illness takes the forefront. Let’s examine the array of occupational illnesses faced by professional cleaners and how workers’ compensation can be applied.

Why Can a Worker’s Comp Case Be Denied?

Unfortunately, claims for worker’s comp are denied on occasion. Filing a claim can be complicated in some cases, but for the most part, they are straightforward. However, after an injury, dates and specifics can become muddled, and workers’ comp claims have definite requirements. Let’s look at some of the reasons a denial is issued in a workers’ comp case.

Workers’ Compensation – How It Works

When a worker becomes sick due to work-related activities or is injured on the job, workers’ compensation provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages. In South Carolina, employers with a minimum of four employees must have workers’ comp insurance. It helps protect the workers and their families when they are unable to work. By doing this, both the company that hires the employee and the worker are protected.

How to Appeal a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Denial

While filing for worker’s compensation is common, not every claim is successful. In such cases, the claimant must appeal the decision made by the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. The injured or sick worker can also appeal the commission’s final decision concerning the claimant’s benefits in the initial filing. Succeeding when filing an appeal can make it possible to care for oneself and loved ones while being unable to work. Having an experienced workers’ comp attorney by your side improves your chance of succeeding. Let’s look at the appellate process in South Carolina, what steps you need to take and how a workers’ comp lawyer can help.

Occupational Disease and Workers’ Compensation

We all know that workers’ compensation pays for injuries that occur on the job. But what about diseases that are job-related? The answer is yes, workers’ compensation will pay a worker if they develop an occupational disease or their family if the employee died due to work-related illness. This provides a measure of financial security if the worker cannot perform their work or must leave the workforce entirely due to an occupational disease.

Workplace Injuries in South Carolina

Workplace injuries and illnesses in South Carolina mean that the sufferer can claim workers’ compensation. The risk of injury or illness depends on where the employee is working, in what type of job and the safety precautions the company takes to protect its workers. Workers’ compensation allows an injured employee to draw benefits, which helps support them and their family. Below, we will explore the most common injuries suffered in the workplace.

Common Workplace Accidents You Should Know

People that work at a corporate office might not have to worry about safety hazards in a way that a person that works in a factory has to. When an employee is injured on the job, their entire lives can be negatively affected inside and outside of work. But there is a risk, nonetheless. Sitting

Workers’ Comp Filing Process

Workers’ compensation – often referred to as workers’ comp – is an insurance policy that provides coverage for employees who are injured or contract an illness on the job. It helps cover an employee’s medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses while preventing legal action against the employer. There are specific steps to take, guidelines to

Workers Compensation Law Protects You From Being Filed for Filing a Claim

On-the-job illnesses and injuries are common and occur in all different types of occupations. South Carolina workers compensation law protects injured workers. It provides a system for injured employees to receive medical benefits and other benefits while recovering from a work injury. However, some employees are afraid to file a workers compensation claim because of

Workers Compensation FAQs South Carolina Workers Need to Know

Most employers in South Carolina are required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If a worker sustains an injury on the job, the worker should be covered by workers’ comp. Even though the system is designed to protect injured employees, there are specific workers compensation FAQs that all workers in Myrtle Beach need to know.